Democrats Just Figured Out How To Win Every Election From Now On

There is a reason why Joe Biden and Democrats are turning a blind eye to the massive border crisis. With every illegal alien that crosses the border, they think they got a new vote for their party. Democrats have exploited illegal immigration, for years, to win elections.

They promise illegals welfare, housing, medical care, and jobs. They also promise them they won’t deport them, even if they break our laws. The only thing Democrats want in return? These non-Americans voting in our election. There are enough illegal aliens in our country to sway elections by a wide margin. And the constant flood of illegals coming in right now will make it impossible for Republicans to win.

And as the crucial 2022 election looms, Democrats in liberal-controlled cities are making it easier for illegals to vote.

Democrats continue to press in liberal states to authorize non-citizens to vote, with two Vermont cities becoming the latest flashpoint in a legal and political battle that will define who may legally cast ballots in the future.

The cities of Montpelier and Winooski, both with populations under 8,000, have approved allowing non-citizens to cast ballots in municipal elections for mayor, city council and school board after Vermont’s Legislature this summer overrode GOP governor Phil Scott’s veto of a bill allowing non-citizen voting in those communities…

In addition to the Vermont towns, Pew noted that San Francisco, nine cities in Maryland and two communities in Massachusetts have all approved noncitizen voting…

Now Chicago, New York City and Los Angeles are also moving forward with plans to allow foreign citizens to vote in local U.S. elections, Pew added. [Source: Just the News]

Vermont, a state with less than 6% of its population being foreign-born, just allowed two of its cities to grant voting rights to non-Americans. While that might not sound like a big deal, it is paving the way for more states to allow non-Americans (code for illegal aliens), the right to vote.

There is no reason why non-citizens, legal residents or otherwise, should have a say in who governs us. Citizenship matters. With it comes numerous rights and responsibilities. We wouldn’t expect an outsider to join our military and fight for our country, would we? Then why should we grant them the right to decide who leads the country?

We can clearly see the left’s plan. Their true goal is to make it easier for those illegals, who have been suckling at their teat for years, to manipulate key elections. It’s not even about local races. It’s about getting enough illegals voting to sway the outcome of big races for the House, Senate, and presidency.

In the past, Democrats were somewhat covert about their schemes. Now, they aren’t even hiding it. They are letting in millions of illegals from Mexico and beyond. They are letting “non-citizens” vote in elections. And they viciously oppose any state that secures our elections with legislation.

Do they even consider America, “America” anymore? I doubt it.

Author: Maxwell Smith