It Doesn’t Stop: Anti-Biden Chants Ring Out Across America

But 81 million people voted for him, right?!


America’s heartland continued the trend of speaking truth to power, condemning Joe Biden for his policies that are slowly-but-surely destroying our country.

Over the weekend, the ubiquitous “F*** Joe Biden!” chant continued in football stadiums across the country, this time as Ole Miss played the Arkansas Razorbacks on Saturday.

The now common chant accompanied by a series of claps between shouts broke out among hundreds of fans at Vaught Hemingway Stadium as the Rebels squeaked out a 52 to 51 victory over the Razorbacks.


The light-hearted hatred against the president is now being accompanied by a phrase, “Let’s Go Brandon,” after a fake news reporter attempted damage control during a NASCAR race.

Fans in the crowd could be heard loud and clear chanting “F*** Joe Biden!” but reporter Keli Stavast insisted otherwise. The incident quickly became an internet meme, circulating far and wide, taking a hold on the humorous Right.

The Left, butthurt as ever, can’t meme let alone utilize humor so they – of course – are up in arms.

A plane tugged a banner with the phrase over Auburn this weekend, for instance:

The “Let’s Go Brandon” chant also rang out at Donald Trump’s rally in Iowa on Saturday. And at least one Trump fan even made himself a red “Let’s Go Brandon” ball cap.

The “Brandon” phrase also appeared on a banner being pulled by a plane over Donald Trump’s Iowa rally:

This sort of good-natured, light-hearted fun is completely lost on liberal Democrats, who insist on utter seriousness of all times.

Their version of comedy is John Stewart, John Oliver, Jimmy Fallon, and Saturday Night Live (barf), all of which rely on hacky anti-Trump, anti-Republican jokes to tickle their audience of liberal white women.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney