Democrats Are Bleeding Millions Of Voters – Is This The End Of Their Party?

For a very long time, Democrats have won elections thanks to a simple formula. They convince hard-working Americans, people struggling to get by, that they will put them first. This has convinced union members, blue-collar workers, and people from small towns to rally behind the left.

But those days are long gone.

Democrats’ policies, today, do not favor honest, hard-working Americans. They have bowed to corrupt globalists and radical socialists, who do not care about helping bring back jobs to ailing small towns. Instead, Democrats are letting countless jobs get shipped overseas, while importing illegal aliens to take what jobs are left from Americans.

And they think we’ll thank them, because they give us a few food stamps.

Well, this toxic agenda is wearing thin. And Democrats are forced to face a harsh reality.

A new report concludes that Democrats lost more than 2 million votes this past decade in America’s “factory towns.”…

In total, about 40% of voters live in these “factory towns,” where, the report concludes, Democrats lost “major ground” that couldn’t be recouped by the party’s 2 to 1 gains in cities and surrounding suburbs.

“This report shines a light on a huge political problem for Democrats, who have misjudged and failed to understand the needs of millions of voters,” said John Pouland, spokesperson for 21st Century Democrats…

The analysis also finds correlation between manufacturing job losses and support for Republican candidates — the more attrition a town experiences, the more voters turn away from the Democratic Party. [Source: Just the News]

Wow, what do ya know? People don’t like it when Democrats take away their jobs!

Liberals can spin it any way they like, but Americans know the score. The party’s current agenda focuses more on social justice, identity politics, socialism, and other issues that do not bring back jobs or put food on the table. Try explaining to a former factory worker why he should care about personal pronouns, when he is losing his house and can pay for his kid’s braces.

Democrats did this deliberately. They thought they could neglect American families, because they have nailed down enough major cities, by flooding them with illegal aliens. The left’s tactic has been to import as many outsides as possible, get them on welfare (while they undercut American workers), and expect them to vote for the party.

That might sound like a sleazy but winning strategy, but it has burned millions of real Americans, who just want to support their families. The cold, morally bankrupt Democratic Party has abandoned the core base that made them what they were decades ago. So, that core base has rejected them.

This trend won’t be going away anytime soon. Right now, Democrat leaders in D.C. are bowing to the radical left. They are rejecting their own moderates, who are trying to help these “factory town” folks, to appease their socialist wing. That will only result in major losses for the left in upcoming elections.

But despite knowing they are poised to lose big, the party refuses to change its way. That is truly unbelievable.

Author: Sam Graham