Trump VS Biden: The Winner Is More Clear Than Ever

Biden’s endless promises to defeat COVID-19 have turned out to be endless killer lies.

The cognitively deficient president relied on his coronavirus messaging to push him over the line last November, hoping and praying he could pull the wool over America’s eyes. Over and over, he repeated false claims that Trump instructed us to inject bleach, that the virus was out of control under Trump’s leadership, etc etc.

Turns out none of that was true. In fact, more people will die from the virus under Biden than under Trump — and Biden has the added benefit of Trump’s vaccines!

According to Johns Hopkins University’s data on COVID-19 deaths, since Jan. 1, there have been approximately 353,000 deaths from the pandemic. This is about a thousand more COVID-19 deaths than in all of 2020.

Check out the numbers here.

Some details to take into account:

  • Trump lacked the benefit of vaccinations until the last month of his presidency, whereas Biden had them from day one.
  • Biden has had to deal with the so-called Delta Variant, which has spread among the unvaccinated.
  • Trump was blindsided by the presence of COVID-19, knowing nothing of its existence until everyone else did. But he acted fast.
  • Biden, with all the facts and figures in hand, and with imposing overreaching mandates, still has yet to defeat the China Virus.

The history of pandemics shows that there are multiple waves and variants that frequently lead to a lot of people being infected and dying. Biden never had any business promising he could beat the virus.

In year one of the pandemic, every Mainstream Media story told America to “blame Trump,” yet absolutely nothing Biden has done seems to be working and he has yet to be blamed for anything.

“You’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations,” Biden said

Whatever happened to that promise, Joe?

Truthfully, presidents should be given some leeway when they talk about pandemics. They are just relaying information from “experts” who seem to be either wrong or oversimplifying as often as not. That said, if Biden were held to the same standard Trump was, he would be exposed for his lies and incompetence.

Author: Asa McCue