‘Bottleneck Biden’ Ruins Christmas — And He Doesn’t Stop There

We may as well prepare for a bleak Christmas this year.

Between Fauci already barking orders and Biden’s incessant supply chain bottlenecks, it’s likely we can expect a highly-politicized holiday season.

But there’s an alternative: forget Biden; forget Fauci.

The American people should come together despite the fledgling federal government and celebrate the true meaning of the holidays with friends and family. Don’t let their fear mongering intimidate you.

Still, the White House has begun sending out warnings that the toy shelves may not be as stocked this year as Biden struggles to maintain control of the supply chain in this country.

Supply chain bottlenecks are currently choking U.S. ports, highways and railways, and the White House is warning of the inevitable consequences: high prices for Americans.

The supply crisis, driven in part by the global COVID pandemic, not only threatens to dampen U.S. spending at a critical time, it also poses a political risk for Joe Biden.

The White House has been trying to tackle inflation-inducing supply bottlenecks of everything from meat to semiconductors, and formed a task force in June that meets weekly and named a “bottleneck” czar to push private sector companies to ease snarls.

Still, supply chain woes are weighing on retail and transportation companies, which recently issued a series of downbeat earnings outlooks. Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve last month predicted a 2021 inflation rate of 4.2%, well above its 2% target.

“There will be things that people can’t get,” a senior White House official told a reporter.

Wages are also in the tank thanks to Biden’s economic policy decisions. The Labor Department data shows that Americans made 0.9% less per hour on average in August than they did one year prior under President Trump.

From day one, Trump’s goal was to lower taxes and increase wages for as many Americans as possible. He succeeded, but Biden has reintroduced the bureaucratic red tape keeping businesses tied up and wages low.

Many conservatives argue the skyrocketing inflation is an artifice done intentionally by Democrats with the intention of creating need for more government spending, thus more control over the economy.

Seems to be a plausible argument at this point.

U.S. consumer demand stayed strong, outpacing global rivals, and the Biden administration expects the overall economy to grow at 7.1%, as inflation reaches its highest levels since the 1980s.

What a joke.

In August, the White House brought on John Porcari, a veteran Obama crony, as their ‘Bottleneck Czar’ to manage the supply chain issues.

Porcari said the Biden administration has worked to make sure various parts of the supply chain, such as ports, where freight is transferred from one form of transport to another, are in steady communication.

Meanwhile, there are no trucks to transport the goods from the ports!

And to top it off, with the announcement of a vaccine mandate, more drivers have opted to leave their trucks instead of facing forced vaccination.

If they have any backbone left, Republicans will seize on Biden’s black Christmas to sway the American people away from the Democrats and their inflationary spending agenda.

Trump, considered the front-runner Republican candidate for president in 2024, blasted it out in a mass email through his Save America political action committee.

A Quinnipiac poll released last week showed Biden is losing the public’s trust on the economy, with only 29% of public thinking the U.S. economy is in “good” or “excellent” condition.

Joe Biden’s desperation for a holiday win is palpable.

Author: Asa McCue