Mayorkas Promises More Jobs And Higher Wages — For Illegals

Americans may be struggling. They might be fighting to combat high prices for common goods and services. They may even be fearing an impending increase to their tax bill. But illegal immigrants can surely rest easy knowing the Biden administration is working overtime to provide them more jobs and higher wages!

According to a new memo, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is directing officials to cease workplace raids targeted at illegal immigrants.

In other words, corporations can benefit from cheap illegal labor, pricing American citizens out of the job market with the blessing from Biden’s administration.

Mayorkas has ordered his acting ICE director, head of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, and commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection to turn a blind eye to what previous administrations call “exploitative employers.” That is, companies that hire illegal immigrants for lower wages than what Americans expect.

Mayorkas’ order will shift the focus away from the illegal immigrant employees themselves onto the business owners that employ them.

Still, the result remains the same: illegal immigrants will overwhelming take jobs meant for American citizens.

Mayorkas wrote:

“The deployment of mass worksite operations, sometimes resulting in the simultaneous arrest of hundreds of workers, was not focused on the most pernicious aspect of our country’s unauthorized employment challenge: exploitative workers.”

The Department of Homeland Security echoed Mayorkas, vowing in a Tuesday statement that it will “take actions to promote a fair labor market.”

There’s that insidious word again: Fair.

The entire meaning of fair is completely useless in regards to economic or political matters. When you boil it down, all it means is taking from one and giving to another, which happens to not be fair at all.

With Democrats in office, “fair” means taking from business owners, white people, or anyone who doesn’t identify with liberal artifice, and giving to anyone who deems themselves a minority.

Who is that fair for, exactly?

“We will not tolerate unscrupulous employers who exploit unauthorized workers, conduct illegal activities, or impose unsafe working conditions,” Mayorkas added.

The number of workplace enforcement operations resulting in arrests of unauthorized workers and employers spiked more than 700% during former President Donald Trump’s first fiscal year in office, with 2,304 arrests taking place in fiscal 2018.

Border Patrol agents encountered roughly 212,672 people trying to enter the United States illegally through the southern border during the month of July, the highest number of encounters recorded in nearly 21 years. That number dropped slightly the next month, with 208,887 migrants encountered at the border in August, still marking one of the highest totals in two decades.

Are you paying attention yet?

Author: Sebastian Hayworth