Biden Runs To The Basement As Economic Crisis Spirals Out Of Control

Is Biden a real president? Of course not. The man reads from pre-written remarks, then refuses to interact with Americans. He is responsible for numerous crises raging across America (and the world). And he appears unwilling or unable to make any positive changes in our country.

But at least no more mean tweets, huh?

One of the latest crises to hammer the country is the supply chain shortages. Companies came roaring back after the pandemic. But they are struggling to stock their shelves with goods, because ports of entry are still largely shut down. Businesses want to move their products, but government flunkies continue to operate under lockdown rules.

What is the administration doing about it? Nothing it seems. And Biden won’t even answer questions about it.

President Joe Biden refused to answer questions from reporters on Wednesday following remarks that he gave about supply chain shortages that are causing widespread problems across the U.S.

During the remarks, Biden threatened to take action if private sector companies did not fix the problem, saying, “If the private sector doesn’t step up, we’re going to call them out and ask them to act.”

At the end of the remarks, Biden bolted for the exit, ignoring questions about whether Christmas gifts would arrive on time this year and what he was doing to lower gasoline prices. [Source: Daily Wire]

How do you like that? Another crisis is threatening to hurt Americans. But all Joe can do is bully private companies (who are the ones hurting from this crisis in the first place). Some of the problem is caused by companies who cannot fully staff their operations (thanks to Biden). But much of it stems from the fact that government-run ports are barely open (thanks to Biden).

Ships are literally sitting in the waters outside California, because the ports are fully open. Goods aren’t being offloaded, because there are not enough customs agents processing them. There are not enough truck drivers and warehouse workers, because COVID fears and government aid is keeping them at home.

Biden has made a vague commitment to get the private sector moving. How? What does Biden intend to do to get companies to end this supply chain disruption? He bragged that the ports in California will be open 24/7—as if that was a stroke of genius. Trump would have done that the first day.

I can only imagine Trump would be moving heaven and earth to end the supply chain crisis. It would never have become a crisis on his watch, because he would be slashing red tape, negotiating with companies, and eliminating barriers. (After all, was there a supply chain problem last year? No.)

What’s even more shocking is how Biden didn’t bother to answer questions from the press. This is becoming a common trend with the Democrat, only adding more fuel to the speculation that he cannot speak on his own. The country is in flames (in CA, that’s literal) and he turns his back on us.

Author: Sam Jones