Illegal Immigrants Send Biden a Very Telling Message — We Should All Be Afraid

We’ve reached a point in history where illegal immigrants from every sh**hole country in Central and South America are thanking the president for his lax border policies, which allow them to enter into the United States unscathed.

Not to mention, all this is occurring during a supposed pandemic and as American citizens struggle to earn a living and feed their families.

Right-leaning journalists have headed to the border, namely in the Yuma sector, where they’ve encountered countless illegals from Mexico, Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and even Uzbekistan. Migrants are able to easily cross the Colorado River from Los Algodones, Mexico through a wide-open gap in the border fencing. There, they must await for processing from border control who subsequently hands them a work permit and a notice to appear at their local ICE office.

When asked why they didn’t try to immigrate sooner with Donald Trump as president, one migrant responded, “I didn’t even want to try,” referencing the previous administration’s tough – and necessary – stance on illegal immigration.

Migrants in the Yuma sector did not seem worried about deportation and thanked the Biden administration for its immigration policies.

“We thank him very much,” the migrants told the Caller.

Border Patrol agents are seeing a significant increase in illegal crossings in the Yuma sector of Arizona as the state of Texas prepares for 60,000 Haitian migrants expected to reach the southern border sometime in October.

Haitian migrants found a new route to cross illegally into the U.S. through Yuma the sector, an area nicknamed the “The Gap.”

Border patrol agents encountered 17,097 migrants in August 2021 compared to just 694 in August 2020, an increase in illegal crossings of over 2,000%.

Jorge Ventura, a reporter for a right-leaning publication, witnessed Nicaraguan migrants being dropped off by a large white bus on the Mexican side of the border before crossing through the Colorado River. Once they reached the American side, Ventura asked where they took the bus from.

“Mexicali” they said, while showing Ventura the ticket.

Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham visited “The Gap” in the Yuma sector this week to assess the situation. He tweeted out several videos from his visit.


Author: Elizabeth Tierney