Biden Approval Freefalls — He’s Sinking Like a Boulder


It seems the “unity president” has succeeded in unifying a majority of the country away from his failed policies, woke pandering, and endless debacles.

His approval numbers have crashed and appear to have no end as he flubs the border crisis, a 13-year high in inflation, and the threat of empty toy shelves on Christmas Eve.

In a new Zogby Poll, the first-year president has hit another job performance low, 36.4%.

Latest polling shows President Biden with a 36% positive job performance rating (excellent-15% and good-21% combined), while his negative rating is 61% (fair-19% and poor-42% combined).

Worst of all, women are abandoning the president, followed by independents — voters critical to helping lobby for his $3.5 trillion tax-and-spending plan and $1.2 trillion infrastructure program.

Female voters are telling Joe Biden to get lost, which makes it virtually impossible for Democrats to succeed.

The loss of the women vote spells follows a mass exodus of Latino and Black Americans, as well. Minority voters are finally waking up to the endless, offensive pandering of Joe Biden and the Democrats without any real results to show for it. Turns out, non-white voters want to make a lives for themselves, too. They don’t want to be reliant on the federal government for handouts.

Zogby claims that the problem for Biden is that he appears unable to get his agenda through Congress as the economy is sinking and other critical issues, such as the border crisis, crash in.

Voters can’t help but wonder why the Biden administration keeps sweeping these issues under the rug and declaring them ‘transitory.’ Democratic leaders cannot even come to consensus within their own ranks.

Without the passage of the ‘Build Back Better Act,’ or a solid infrastructure bill, and the potential default of the U.S. debt on the horizon, is it any surprise that Americans will lose all faith in this man who can barely even utter a sentence? Biden’s failure to reach vaccination goals and his executive vaccine mandates have also not helped him gain support.

The Zogby Poll shows a continued decline in support and approval of Biden. One recent survey had him down to 38% approval.

Worse, some polls show that Biden would lose to former President Donald Trump in a new election and that even Biden voters have “remorse” over their 2020 choice.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney