Creepy Biden Can’t Get Female Work Colleagues To Return His Calls

Joe Biden’s so-called “build back better” agenda revolves around a massive spending plan. His idea of helping Americans is to tax us into oblivion, and waste that money by spreading poverty to more Americans. The biggest piece of his agenda is a $3.5 trillion spending plan that will burden generations of American taxpayers.

But he’s hitting some serious walls.

Two moderate Democrats in the Senate are refusing to support Biden’s bloated spending package. He has tried all his charm to win them over, but it seems to be backfiring. Now, one of those senators is so fed up with Biden, she’s not even answering his calls.

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) has reportedly ignored phone calls from President Joe Biden as he tries to wrangle her support for his agenda.

Biden’s frustration with the Arizona senator is growing as she and Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) continue to stall the White House’s efforts to push costly legislation through Congress. The feeling of frustration is apparently mutual as Sinema has begun blowing off calls from the White House, according to CNN…

Democratic leaders and progressives in Congress have hounded Sinema and Manchin over their refusal to rubber stamp Biden’s high-spending priorities. [Source: Daily Wire]

Recently, radical leftist activists harassed Sen. Sinema as she went into a bathroom and on an airplane. It seems like Democrats are devouring their own, as they try to pressure and bully moderates into supporting their plan.

But all those mafia tactics have done nothing to convince the senator. In fact, she is getting so sick of the left’s tired schemes, she’s not even talking to Joe Biden.

Perhaps Sinema is getting back at Joe supporting those activists, rather than defending a senator?

How bad is Biden at negotiation? He can’t even convince members of his own party to support his plan. On numerous occasions, Joe has sat down with Sinema and Manchin. But after hours of discussion and negotiation, he hasn’t moved them an inch. It seems Biden is totally incapable of sealing the deal.

Leftist Democrats are still determined to get this toxic spending plan done. But time is quickly running out. And it seems Biden does not have any incentive to get senators from conservative states to support a bill that will surely get them fired.

What’s even more alarming is how Biden isn’t even offering some form of compromise, a plan that will please moderate Democrats and Republicans. Instead, he stubbornly and stupidly holds to a bill that would bankrupt the country and put millions on welfare.

Sinema is actually doing Biden a favor. By not supporting this plan, she is preventing Biden from failing even more, all but assuring a mega Democrat defeat at the polls.

Author: Samuel Anderson