Even Obama Staffers Want Trump Back In Office

Since January, we’ve watched the Biden administration progressively fail. Again and again, it has pushed policies that have only blown up in its face. And the American people have had to suffer for it. What’s really painful is knowing that, in many cases, we were already on the right track. All Biden had to do was not mess up what Trump did.

He couldn’t even do that.

Biden has gone out of his way to erase or undermine much of Trump’s accomplishments. Not because Trump was wrong, but Biden is too bitter and weak of a leader to see it. In some crucial areas, Biden is willfully blind, refusing any shred of common sense or intelligence. Now, one of Obama’s top officials is calling Biden out—and saying Trump did much better.

Robert Gates, former President Barack Obama’s secretary of defense, slammed President Joe Biden during an interview that aired on Sunday, and praised former President Donald Trump when it came to foreign policy.

Gates made the remarks during an interview on CBS News’ “60 Minutes” with co-host Anderson Cooper, saying Biden has “gotten a lot wrong.”…

“I think this is a place where President Trump got it right,” Gates said. “…Chinese now manage something like three dozen major ports around the world. They are the biggest trading partner of more than half of South America. They are everywhere. And what are we doing in these non-military arenas to compete with the Chinese?” [Source: Daily Wire]

Obama’s former secretary of defense, Robert Gates, bashed Joe Biden’s frequent failures over foreign policy. He went back as far as the Reagan administration to highlight how often Biden was wrong. He accused Joe of opposing “every one” of Reagan’s military programs against the Soviets. He blasted Biden for opposing the first Gulf War. And he even mentioned how he and Biden “had significant differences” on Afghanistan during Obama’s time.

He then discussed the growing danger China poses, especially as they threaten to invade Taiwan. Gates praised Trump for “waking” up Americans to the legitimate danger China faces. He explained that previously, Americans assumed a richer China would be a freer China. That never happened, though. And today, China is trying to use its military strength to become a dominant economic force in the world.

Gates criticized the Biden administration, asking what are we doing in “non-military arenas” to compete with Communist China? What is the United States doing to prevent China’s toxic influence from spreading all over the world. He pointed out that they are the biggest trading partner of more than half of South America. That’s not to mention how much they control in Asia, Africa, and even Europe.

But is Joe Biden the man to oppose them? Absolutely not. We’ve known for years that China Joe is in the CCP’s pocket. He will not do a damn thing to stop China’s tentacles from engulfing the world. If China does invade Taiwan soon, God help us all.

Author: Peter Smith