Biden Melts Down During Speech, Confesses He’s In Way Over His Head

Joe Biden had dreams of becoming the next FDR—a president who pushed a socialist agenda to help reshape American society. Instead, he’ll end up worse than Jimmy Carter—a one-term president whose incompetence led to one crisis after another.

Biden’s landmark agenda is pushing a radical spending bill that will impose great socialism onto the country, while costing us a fortune. His agenda would expand the power of the government, while putting millions more Americans on welfare. And the tax burden it would create would hamper our recovery for years to come.

And that doesn’t even get into how it would destroy major industries.

Unsurprisingly, strong opposition to this plan has prevented Biden’s bills from getting passed. Biden has used all his “charm” to win over lawmakers, but has been unsuccessful. And his frustrations were bleeding out during a recent speech in Scranton.

President Joe Biden appeared frustrated Wednesday that his agenda was stalled in Congress, raising his voice during a speech in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

“What are we doing?” Biden asked… “This is the United States of America, dammit!” Biden shouted. “What are we doing?”

Biden spoke about a number of his priorities, admitting that it was a struggle to get his agenda passed through Congress, where Democrats control both houses. [Source: Breitbart]

Biden was noticeably frustrated during this speech, coming off as an embattled dictator about to see his administration overthrown. The arrogant and entitled man revealed his shock that Congress and the country aren’t just bowing before him, doing as he says. He even chided the media for refusing to prop up his agenda, after the many failures that have marked his first year tarnished his reputation.

Biden went on to ramble about his boyhood, in a pathetic attempt to sell his infrastructure bill. He further shot himself in the foot by saying—to a city that relies on the coal industry—that he once again wants to get rid of oil and other fossil fuels.

Bad move, Biden. We all know he is in the pocket of the radical environmentalist lobbyists, who want to handicap our economy by destroying our fossil fuel industries. But if you want to see what America would look like with just “renewable” energy, just take a look at what happened to Texas last February (when all their “green” energy sources froze).

Biden lecturing a coal city that they need to get off coal? That is a perfect snapshot of Biden’s failed presidency. He blindly pushes an agenda in front of people who don’t want it. Even though he knows they don’t want it, he still forges agenda, despite the damage it will cause.

We shouldn’t be surprised in assuming Biden will go down as the worst president in our nation’s history. Our only fear is that he’ll take the rest of us down with him.

Author: Peter Jones