Mainstream Media Loses All Hope In Basement-Bound Biden

Once he loses the sycophants in media and their shock troop reporters, Joe Biden is done for.

Such seems to be the case and many media operatives have begun taking notice of Biden’s evasive approach to press, reporters, and media in general.

The cognitively deficient president rarely is allowed to speak directly to reporters, even clocking in at six times fewer one-on-one interviews or solo press conferences than Former President Trump.

The press has been allowed to interview Biden in an extended one-on-one setting 10 times since Inauguration Day, compared to Trump’s 57 times. Biden compares even worse to former President Barack Obama, who had done 131 extended interviews by this time in his administration.

Joe Biden has not held a formal, solo press conference in now over 100 days — a fact many online conservatives are taking note of. The failing president hasn’t even graced the leading liberal publications with his presence as of yet. The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Associated Press, or Reuters have yet to score an interview with Biden.

Since stooping on the campaign trail, Biden’s team thought it best to keep the doddering fool away from as many press cameras as possible. That strategy has seemed to carry over into his first term.

After he botched an evacuation mission from Afghanistan, overseeing the murder of 13 U.S. troops, Biden kept silent for more than a week. He refused to take a single question between Sept. 15 – Sept. 24 as many Americans relied on announcements from his communications staff.

The dry spell culminated in a bilateral press conference with Biden and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in which U.K. reporters were allowed questions, but American reporters were shouted down.

Jen Psaki was quick to pass blame on Prime Minister Johnson, of course.

White House staff members have admitted they worry any time Biden appears before the press on camera, fearing he will make another gaffe or abandon his prepared remarks and go off on tangents.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki echoed this sentiment earlier in the year when she said, “A lot of times we tell him not to take questions.”

Such an embarrassment for our country…

Author: Asa McCue