Biden Openly Mocks Medical Freedom — Calls For Mass Firings

This man, our so-called president, is beyond the pale.

His cavalier approach to stripping the basic liberties away from millions of Americans should be grounds for impeachment alone. The way in which he so casually calls for people to lose their jobs, for families to go hungry, for Americans to lose their freedom for failing to comply to his vaccine mandate, should be a major cause for concern.

Joe Biden isn’t a phony: he’s systematically breaking down, destroying, and reframing the way in which Americans view their own freedoms from the federal government. His administration is blurring the lines of what’s acceptable, of what the American people can and should withstand.

Government overreach is not in Joe Biden’s vocabulary whatsoever.

Meanwhile, liberals are celebrating this overreach and highlighting the growing divide between the two separate cultures emerging in this country.

One half of the country welcomes federal takeover of entire industries and are willing to lay down their civil liberties for some sick altruistic reasons and for what they call the “greater good.”

The other half will stop at nothing to retain the freedoms granted to them in the Constitution. They won’t tolerate the medical tyranny, the encroaching communist takeover, or the intrusion into their private lives.

Either this ends amicably between the two, or it’s war — there is no in-between.

Joe Biden is the leader of the former and has no connection to the latter.

On Thursday, the mentally retarded president said first responders, emergency medical personnel, and police officers who refuse his vaccine mandates should lose their jobs or stay home.

Biden issued vaccine mandates or weekly testing for private companies with 100 or more employees in early September. The president also announced a stricter vaccine requirement for federal workers and contractors that limited the loophole for unvaccinated individuals.

Other mandates have been put in place across the country by cities. Police officers and first responders across the country – including in places like Chicago and Washington – have voiced opposition to the mandates, with some leaving the job over it.

He claimed forcing medical treatment on Americans was a last resort, claiming, he “waited until July to talk about mandating.”

Biden went on to say that “the mandates are working” despite a crumbling labor market.

Go ask any small business owner if the mandates are working, Joe.

Even amid a supply chain crisis, a debacle caused largely by a truck driver shortage, Biden has the audacity to claim his mandates are working. When logistic companies can no longer keep drivers in the trucks, when cargo is dumped on residential streets, when business can’t maintain an employ to provide goods and services to its customers, Joe Biden, the president of the United States, wants us to believe his mandates are working.

What a joke.

Then it gets even more sinister.

Biden, who barely seems functional in the first place, went into a mocking rant against Americans who are concerned about losing their freedom in regard to forced vaccination.

“‘Freedom,’” Biden mocked as he described his concerns around the issue of mandates. “‘I have the freedom to kill you with my COVID.’ No, I mean come on.

The leader of the free world is mocking what we all know as freedom.

Enough said.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth