Biden’s Reputation In The Gutter – He Can’t Come Back From This

Joe Biden hasn’t even been president for a year. Yet in just a short time, he’s managed to derail the “V-shaped” recovery we were experiencing throughout the end of 2020. Biden’s short-sighted and partisan decision-making has tanked our economy, leading to supply shortages, struggling businesses, and hurting families.

What’s really shocking is that Biden doesn’t seem to be all that concerned. Even as Americans give him a failing grade, he barrels along with a spending plan that will only bring more pain. Biden’s agenda would tax companies, the middle class, and working Americans. It would put massive burdens on an already struggling economy. Biden doesn’t seem to care.

Maybe he’ll care, when he learns what Americans are really concerned about.

An overwhelming majority of registered voters are worried about the rising inflation and gas prices happening under President Joe Biden, according to a Fox News poll.

Eighty-seven percent of the registered voters who responded to the poll said they are either “extremely” or “very concerned” worried about the widespread inflation happening to the United States…

When asked about the country dealing with the rising prices of gas, an even higher amount (94 percent) said they were worried; 67 percent of the respondent, when asked this question, said it is a “major” problem. [Source: Breitbart]

Hmm… so a clear majority of Americans are worried about the rising gas prices and skyrocketing inflation. What is Joe doing about it? Um, let’s see—oh, nothing, nothing at all. Biden’s priority is passing a toxic, socialist bill so he can become the next FDR. But nothing in his $3.5 trillion bill addresses the immediate concerns of expensive gas, fuel, and groceries.

This comes as one town California struggles with a stagger $7.59/gallon price tag for gasoline.

If Biden truly cared about Americans, he’d be putting all his energy into dealing with the causes of these issues. He’d work overtime to end the supply chain crisis, support legislation that encourages more American manufacturing, and curtail wasteful government spending.

And it would be even easier to lower the cost of fuel, since he was directly responsible for it. All Biden has to do is end regulations and restrictions that are hampering America’s energy production. Revert back to policies from the Trump administration that made America the dominant energy provider in the world.

But none of that is going to happen any time soon. Biden is entrenched in his ill-guided agenda. He will never support policies embraced by Trump. More than that, he will never admit he was wrong—even as his agenda is hurting Americans.

How many more polls need to come out before the administration sees they are doomed? What more has to happen before smarter people start making decisions within the White House. When will Congress realize they are in big trouble, unless they start working for Americans again?

We don’t have the answers to any of that.

Author: Sam Peterson