Big Tech Censorship Comes To Biden’s Rescue — But Is It Too Late?

With every social media giant on his side, Biden can essentially control the public narrative of any given topic. Through influence of his office, Joe Biden has the ability to censor dissent and prevent any negative rhetoric directed toward him or his administration.

With that being said, it’s become totally apparent that we live in a society akin to that of the former Soviet Union.

Slowly but surely, Big Tech censors have begun zapping content they believe is harmful or in any way “misinformation” to the point where entire topics are off limits.

Any – and I mean any – questioning of the vaccine’s efficacy – or just voicing your decision not to take it – will get you banned.

But, the censorship has taken a turn for the worse that now any criticism of the cognitively deficient president is enough to get your content removed from YouTube.

The self-proclaimed “most censored rap artist in America” Bryson Gray said Loza Alexander’s YouTube lyric video of “Let’s Go Brandon” was banned by YouTube under the guise of “medical misinformation.”

Gray, who has worked with Alexander, posted on Twitter Thursday:

Gray added a tweet, clarifying for a limited time you might still be able to watch the music video, sans lyrics on YouTube before it, too, is banned.

“Let’s Go Brandon” has become a rallying cry for conservatives outraged at the Biden administration’s policies, including mask and vaccine mandates, soaring inflation, and supply-chain woes. It is a proxy for a more vulgar chant that has been raging across America and packaged sports stadiums, where the crowd repeatedly calls out “f*** Joe Biden.”

That chant was raining down on an NBC auto racing broadcast of a race won by Brandon Brown. While the crowd chanted “f*** Joe Biden,” the NBC reporter falsely claimed the crowd was saying “Let’s Go Brandon.”

NBC’s misinformation was mocked as liberal activism and a cover-up for Biden’s election.

It is unclear what lyric in the Gray’s “Let’s Go Brandon” YouTube considers misinformation about vaccine mandates.

What is clear, however, is the censorship shows no signs of slowing down, only increasing. It’s imperative that more people stand up for free speech and continue posting content that Big Tech considers misinformation.

Author: Asa McCue