Pelosi Promises Spending Deal — But No One’s Buying It

Someone in Nancy Pelosi’s camp needs to tell her that enough is enough.

The octogenarian House Speaker sounds shaky, irritated, and combative for no particular reason.

While it’s true her House majority is dwindling, and she hasn’t scored any major legislative victory despite her party controlling every branch of government, you would think Nancy would be elated by her powerful position.

Instead she’s seen biting the heads off any media figure that dares questions her authority or approach to running a legislative body. It’s quite entertaining to see, actually.

On Sunday, the old and decrepit Pelosi claimed the Democrats had struck a deal on Biden’s $3.5 trillion Build Back Better Act before quickly backtracking.

When asked by leading CNN Hack Jake Tapper if a deal would finalized before Biden’s upcoming European trip, Pelosi said, “I think we’re pretty much there now.”

However, when Tapper asked for clarification Pelosi backtracked, saying, “Well we’re almost there. It’s just the language of it.”

Biden is scheduled to meet Pope Francis at the Vatican Oct. 29.

Tapper then remarked that two deadlines on a House vote on the $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) had been “missed because of the progressives” who held the bill hostage until there was an agreement on the larger package.

Pelosi hit a wall; you can tell it was her nap time.

She interrupted Tapper, saying, “Wait a minute!”

The House Speaker claimed she never missed a deadline because of House socialists who wanted to inject more government into the bill. She lied an deflected, saying it was Republicans who caused the deadline to lapse because “They wanted to cut the bill in half.”

Whatever you say, Nancy.

Arguably the most influential lawmaker in D.C. – West Virginia Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin – reportedly met with both Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer in Delaware on Sunday.

The dynamic trio was poised to hammer out Manchin’s concerns about the level of spending and the leftists initiatives Biden, Schumer, and Pelosi are currently demanding. What resulted from the meeting has not been revealed, but if you take Nancy’s word for it, the Democrats have reached some sort of deal.

Let’s just hope it’s a deal America can survive.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney