Biden In a Puddle Of Tears As Trump Wipes The Floor With Him

At this rate, the rematch between Joe Biden and Donald Trump won’t even be a fair contest.

The cognitively deficient president has failed to quell America’s concerns about the path of destruction America is currently headed down. A series of blunders has caused a majority of U.S. voters to sour on Biden, many even expressing regret for voting him in last November.

While Biden pretends he’s the most popular president, referencing the supposed 81 million Americans who voted for him, it’s become increasingly apparent that no one – seriously no one – can stand the man occupying the White House.

Anti-Biden chants have rang out across the nation — and no where you’d think.

We’ve witnessed an outpouring of Biden hate in liberal cities like Boston, New York City, and San Diego, not the deep red states you’d expect opposition from.

Meanwhile, those that voted for Biden and the brave voters that are willing to admit they stand by Trump can barely contain their excitement that a likely rematch will occur in 2024; it seems like a lifetime away.

And Donald Trump’s chances aren’t too shabby either, according to recent polling.

According to a poll released Monday, Former President Donald Trump leads Joe Biden in every U.S. region among 2020 voters — except one.

Trump has also wiped away Biden’s lead among many important demographics across the country, the poll revealed:

Additionally, even among those who still favored Biden in October, Trump realized some significant gains. Among Black voters, for instance, Trump moved from 18.1% support in September to 20.3% in October.

Among Hispanic voters, the fastest-growing voting bloc in the U.S., Trump gained a hefty 14.6 percentage points, from 24.2% to 38.8%. That’s more than the 33% of the Hispanic vote that Trump garnered in the 2020 election.

The positive polling for Trump comes as Biden’s approval rating on Monday sank to a new low, according to polling. Only 43.4 % approve of Biden’s performance while 50.7% disapprove. The gap is the largest it has been all year.

Meanwhile, the cognitively deficient president still claims that he’s amongst the most popular in U.S. history, citing the massive voter turnout in his favor.

He failed to mention the dead Americans and illegal immigrants allowed to vote last November.

Author: Asa McCue