Democrats Gladly Waste Taxpayer Billions To Fight ‘Invisible Monster’

To be an American living under Biden’s regime means essentially paying for your own oppression.

And all while the controlling party laughs in our faces.

Unfortunately, that’s the lunacy we are currently experiencing as Democrats clamor for a deal on Biden’s massive ‘Build Back Better’ spending initiatives.

On Tuesday, Senate Democrats announced the party is largely in agreement on massive climate change provisions tucked in the bill, which would add billions to the national debt and do nothing to protect the environment.

Think about it this way:

If “climate change” really were an existential threat akin to a meteor headed for the Earth, there would be no debate on how to stop it. Every party would direct every possible resource to stop that meteor, politics aside. Despite the liberal framing of the climate change issue, it surely is not a meteor headed toward Earth.

It’s another facet of political control; the upcoming reason for another lockdown.

Regardless, Democrats are working overtime to appease moderate Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin as they wrestle with the language of key climate change provisions.

Senate Democrats expressed optimism that they were nearing an agreement on climate action, but they always express optimism, totally out of step with how Americans actually feel about it.

The proposed clause would instate a methane fee, with the chance of a carbon tax remaining unlikely.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, confident as ever, says – no matter what – “There’s going to be a very strong, robust climate package.” He threatens to bypass Republican dissent, saying, “We will meet the president’s goal … and there are different ways to get there. ”

The senator added that the climate package would involve money for energy-efficient infrastructure, research and development, and tax credits for clean and renewable energy production, as well as a methane fee.

But Manchin said that he hasn’t yet seen the text of the proposed methane fee and would need to review it before making any decisions.

“I haven’t seen the text,” Manchin said. “But a methane fee, unless carefully considered, would be a deal breaker for me and multiple party members.”

It appears that this negotiation charade is nothing but political theater to give an appearance that Democrats did ‘all they could’ before inevitably using Senate rules to push through spending without even their party’s full support, let alone Republicans.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney