‘Moderate’ Manchin Kills Another Democrat Pipe Dream

… and thank god he did.

Biden administration officials, many of whom are globalists socialists aiming for total control, have voiced their support for a controversial proposal that would allow the IRS to spy on Americans and collect their financial data.

As crazy as this may sound, the proposal was gaining traction amongst Democrats and was close to debate in both houses of Congress.

Biden’s Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen, even made her rounds on fake news outlets to silence America’s concerns they would be spied on if the measure was allowed to proceed.

Arguably the most important lawmaker in D.C. today, Sen. Joe Manchin said on Tuesday he spoke to Joe Biden about the proposal, which would force banks to report to the federal government on all account deposits and withdrawals over $10,000.

Manchin gave remarks after his meeting with Biden, noting his support for the plan is unlikely.

The West Virginia Democrat said he told Biden the idea was “screwed up” and that the president agreed.

“So, I think that one is going to be gone,” Manchin said on Tuesday morning, crushing another of his party’s wild initiatives.

The first iteration of the proposal cast an even broader net and would have targeted all inflows and outflows over $600. However, that was met with fierce opposition from the banking industry and Republicans.

The idea has been championed by Sens. Ron Wyden of Oregon, who heads the Finance Committee, and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.

Wyden noted that IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig testified the tax gap could be as high as $1 trillion per year and that the reporting proposal would narrow that gap, which represents the amount of taxes owed versus the amount paid.

“Working people pay their taxes voluntarily because they know their employer is sending their numbers to the IRS,” Wyden said. “A wealthy business owner, on the other hand, is on an honor system. The arguments against information reporting have always been the same, and they’ve always been wrong.”

Meanwhile, the working class couldn’t even exist if not for the wealthiest business owners championing industries which provide jobs. The endless attack against these individuals will result in tragic consequences for the majority of Americans across the country.

Again, this is another way in which liberals are seeking to use the federal government to control every aspect of our lives.

No billionaires = No Jobs, which means the government will have a “justifiable” reason to step in and nationalize entire industries.

They begun using this tactic to destroy American democracy, but they must not be allowed to proceed any further.

Author: Asa McCue