You Won’t Believe What Bernie Is Doing To Biden Behind The Scenes

Don’t be fooled by “Biden’s” spending package. It was not the work of “moderate” Joe. The massive spending package that amounts to a socialist takeover of our country was crafted by none other than Bernie Sanders. Biden admitted it was Sanders’ aids that shaped his spending deal during the election. We should not be surprised to find it is really the agenda of a man who could not win the presidency.

Sanders claims to be a man of the people, right? He is the first to attack greedy corporations and the richest “one percent” of the country. He advocates higher taxes on billionaires and wants to “redistribute” the wealth to low-income Americans. If that’s all true, why is his plan going to take jobs of Americans, enriching those same corporations?

A Republican colleague has asked U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) why he supports little-known immigration provisions of the “Build Back Better” plan that would allow foreign workers to take American jobs and lower the wages of the middle class. Senator Bill Hagerty (R-TN) said he was puzzled that the Vermont-based democratic socialist would support “the crown jewel of corporate lobbying.”

The proposal would allow Silicon Valley tech firms “to employ a functionally limitless supply of cheaper foreign labor in place of willing, able, and qualified American workers,” Hagerty wrote in an October 22 “Dear Colleague” letter to Sanders, obtained by this reporter and later posted to social media.

“These Big Tech companies can hire as many foreign workers as they want. They don’t have to worry about discriminating against American workers; they can do it all day long,” Senator Hagerty told Laura Ingraham on Monday night. [Source: Daily Wire]

How interesting. Biden’s “Build back better” spending bill will allow corporations to import as many foreign workers as they like, taking jobs away from Americans or otherwise making it harder for them to earn a good wage. But because this provision focuses on white-collar jobs in Silicon Valley, Sanders appears to support it.

Because, after all, it won’t hurt all those labor unions Sanders claims to endorse.

This is pretty underhanded, if you think about it. Sanders often gets red in the face complaining about how hard-working, blue-collar Americans don’t even earn a living wage. Yet he is making it harder for many Americans to get out of the working class and enter the middle class. If Silicon Valley companies can hire cheap workers from India or elsewhere, college degree-holding Americans will be out of luck.

Doesn’t Uncle Bernie care about them? Or does he want to keep Americans stuck digging ditches for a living?

And the best he can offer working-class folks is more government handouts and Medicaid. Anyone that’s ever used government benefits knows they are better off earning more cash and paying for things themselves.

It also appears highly suspicious that Sanders would support a provision that lets big companies get even bigger. This measure will ensure corporates keep more of their money, as they hire cheap workers. That is the very thing Sanders complains about all the time, that big companies got rich off of exploiting their employees.

Yet he’s supporting it in this bill? Is everyone on the left a flaming hypocrite? I suppose so.

Author: Tom Anderson