The 2020 Election Isn’t Over – New Evidence Challenges Biden’s Presidency

Since the mess that was November 2020, the establishment has worked very hard to get you to forget about what happened. Sure, they want to milk the Capitol Riot from January 6 as much as they can. But all that stuff about suitcases full of ballots, signed affidavits, and last-minute election changes? Naw, you don’t worry your pretty little head about it.

But movement is happening, even if liberals try to distract from what they call the “Big Lie.” Numerous states have been conducting audits, and Americans don’t like what they are seeing. Other states have launched their own audits, uncovering some disturbing information. A movement to audit all election results across the 50 states is gaining momentum.

Now, a new poll comes out with some disturbing results.

A new Morning Consult/ Politico poll shows 35% of U.S. voters think the results of the 2020 presidential election should be overturned.

The poll shows that among those who think the results should be overturned, 29% said they should “definitely” be overturned and 19% said “probably.” In those two categories, 39% collectively said “no.”…

Among those who identified as “Republican” or “leans Republican,” 58%, 40% and 18%, respectively, said “definitely” and “probably” to the same question: “Do you think the results of the 2020 presidential election should be overturned?” [Source: Just the News]

Of those polled, 35% of voters say that the 2020 election results should be overturned. That might not seem like a large number, but consider the seriousness of the question being asked. The poll asked if they think a presidential election should be overturned, which would result in the replacement of one president for another.

More than one-third of the country believes we should do that. That is a major fail for the media’s narrative that nothing shady went on during the 2020 Election. And it strikes a blow against Democrats’ attempts to make radical election changes from last year permanent.

Major fraud concerns grew from last-minute changes made by Democrat election officials in numerous battleground states. These changes eliminated voter ID requirements, allowed for the counting of damaged or unverifiable ballots, or the acceptance of numerous mail-in ballots that would have otherwise been rejected. It opened the flood gates for potential fraud, casting into doubt the validity of many states’ election results.

Recent audits have found that states did not clean up their voter rolls, counted questionable ballots (in the tens of thousands), and refused to practice basic rules that secure election results. It shouldn’t surprise us to find that 35% of Americans doubt the election was fair. But will that number grow as more information emerges?

Make no mistake, the MSM and social media will do everything they can to suppress this information. They cannot admit that there is even a hint of controversy still surrounding 2020. But as more information comes out, the harder it will be for them to hide it.

Author: Tom Anderson