Biden Signs America’s Death Warrant With ‘Build Back Better’ Do-Over

After months of failed negotiations, a crumbling Democrat Party, and virtually zero progress on passing his political mainstay, Joe Biden released an updated version of his so-called “Build Back Better” plan.

The name of Biden’s spending initiative is nothing but a misnomer since nothing will be “better” if signed into law. As a matter of fact it will surely result in America’s destruction; a devastation to the economy and way of life the likes of which this country hasn’t seen arguably since the second World War.

The cognitively deficient president was propped up behind a podium at the White House to unveil his drastically scaled down version of the spending plan his presidency hinges on.

Instead of the $3.5 trillion initially proposed, Biden had to succumb to a $1.5 trillion package. Still, much damage can be done at that price tag, and the Democrats plan to do just that.

The compromised bill was meant to appease the moderate voices within the Democrat Party, but according to reports, Manchin is still not happy with Biden’s updated version. The West Virginia Democrat has publicly voiced his concerns with the new billionaire tax (one which punishes high earners on money they’ve yet to receive) and a methane fee tucked into the climate provisions of the bill.

Some of Biden’s campaign promises also had to be removed from the bill to shave off a few billion dollars. The new bill drops paid family leave, but keeps universal preschool as well as child care subsidies, expands “affordable housing,” and focuses on climate change policies, and expands the social safety net.

The battle against the invisible monster liberals call ‘Climate Change’ is being waged in Biden’s new spending bill, with nearly half a trillion dollars allocated for so-called clean energy.

Additionally, the bill funds radical changes to immigration law that will immediately impact the fabric of this country. Democrats are so desperate to import voters they’re willing to destroy America to do it.

Meanwhile, far-left progressive Democrats still aren’t happy with the bill.

Like the Cookie Monster, or a deadly parasite, they demand more spending, more government overreach, more intrusion, more destruction. ‘Squad’ Democrats, namely AOC and Rashida Talib, have voiced their opposition to the bill already.

In fact, Nancy Pelosi balked on her promise to Biden to pass the bill this week. It still has not gone to either caucus – progressive and moderate – for markup, nor has it reached the Congressional Budget Office for a rating. This is said to be because far-left Democrats have already signaled to Nancy their opposition and would vote ‘no’ upon its introduction on the House floor.

Biden’s presidency rests solely on passing his Build Back Better plan, and he agrees, saying, “My presidency will be determined by what happens in the next week.”

Without any GOP support and shaky Democrat support, it’s unknown whether Biden will get the win he’s so desperate for.

How glorious the blowback would be if he failed — again.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney