Trump Picks His First Target In Fight For GOP: Elites

The gubernatorial race in Virginia is said to be key indicator of what’s to come in the ’22 midterms and ’24 presidential race.

Virginia is a state that straddles the political line, with both Democrats and Republicans scoring major victories in heated races.

However, most of the bellwether state has soured on the party that brought them Joe Biden after a series of blunders and failed policies resulted in numerous tragedies for Virginia and the country at large.

Still, Democrat candidate Terry McAuliffe invited Joe Biden to help him win votes despite the president’s freefalling popularity. Additionally, Barack Obama and Kamala Harris were ordered to stoop for McAuliffe.

Now Donald Trump is trying his hand, testing his political influence to help Glenn Youngkin fight for the GOP victory in Virginia.

The eve of Virginia’s gubernatorial election next Tuesday will feature a tele-rally from former President Donald Trump, where he will hold a virtual call with supporters to back Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin, sources revealed.

Youngkin has accepted Trump’s multiple endorsements, but in liberal parts of Virginia Youngkin has maintained he is running his own campaign.

”This is no longer a campaign,” Youngkin said. ”It is a movement, and it is amazing just to be part of it because who’s on the ballot: Terry McAuliffe and his big government control against all Virginians.”

While Youngkin has the endorsement of Trump, there has not been an official Save America rally for the surging candidate.

Biden was invited to speak on McAuliffe’s behalf on Tuesday. The cognitively deficient president gave a speech in which he mentioned Donald Trump over 24 times. He attempted to frame Trump’s Make America Great Again movement as a way to regain sliding support from independents and Democrats alike who have shifted support to the GOP side.

The final days are going to be pivotal in pushing Youngkin over the top.

Amidst a series of wins for Trump-endorsed candidates, the race between Youngkin and McAuliffe will be arguably the most notable test for the Former President leading up to the midterms.

Youngkin has skyrocketed in the polls, but when Democrats are backed in to a corner, or a race seems too contested, they have no qualms unleashing their expert cheating tactics.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth