Biden Mandates Hit Another Roadblock In The Form Of a Massive Lawsuit

Joe Biden’s mandate to force private companies to require vaccination of employees has faced plenty of challenges. Many speculate that Biden does not even have the power to issue it. Neither does the Department of Labor have the resources to enforce it. On top of that, numerous companies and states have already announced they would not be obeying it.

The fallout of Biden’s announcement, though, has already harmed our country. A few states or cities have issued similar mandates for government employees. It has led to an explosion of workers leaving their fields, especially cops and first responders. In New York, they are suffering a serious health care crisis, as thousands of medical staff have lost their jobs.

In other states, people are leaving of their own free will before Biden has enforced his mandate. Unwilling to let Biden singlehandedly destroy America, ten states are joining forces to bring this mandate down.

Republican attorneys general Eric Schmitt of Missouri and Doug Peterson of Nebraska are leading eight additional states in a lawsuit against President Joe Biden and his administration for its COVID-19 vaccine mandate for federal contractors and federally contracted employees.

“This power grab is sweeping in its scope. Employees of federal contractors constitute one-fifth of the total U.S. workforce. And the mandate goes so far as to demand vaccination even from employees who work entirely within their own home. That is unconstitutional, unlawful and unwise.”

Joining Missouri and Nebraska are Alaska, Arkansas, Iowa, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming. [Source: Just the News]

This lawsuit has been the most direct to date that challenges Biden’s mandate on constitutional grounds. It argues that Biden violated the Constitution, giving himself power the executive branch is denied. The suit references the 10th Amendment, which grants powers to the state that the federal government is not expressly granted.

These AGs also argue that this mandate is a “power grab” that will put more Americans out of work. They warned that the worker shortage and supply chain crisis, both created by Biden, would become much worse thanks to his mandate.

They also state that Biden is reversing norms set by both Trump and himself, when the federal government acknowledged it lacked authority to mandate vaccines and other measures. In reality, the federal government relied on states to decide what was best for their residents during most of the pandemic. But now, Biden has taken drastic steps to force this vaccine onto millions of Americans.

This is a new suit, and we can’t predict how it will turn out. But numerous challenges are already working through the courts, confronting both Biden’s mandate and state mandates. This fight will probably go all the way to the Supreme Court. But will Biden’s mandate be shot down in time, before he causes more damage to our economy?

Author: Tom Anderson