Democrats Beg For Biden’s Replacement — And Fast

Joe Biden’s political legacy is in incredible danger.

After only 10 months in office, the cognitively deficient president can’t seem to get anything done except a laundry list of failures which have severely impacted the well being of Americans and is sending the country down a path of permanent destruction.

The panic is beginning to creep in as a slew of terrible poll numbers synthesize America’s growing discontent for Joe Biden, a man so incompetent even his own partymen demand a replacement before the next presidential election.

According to poll published by NPR (yes, another Fake News poll) on Monday, only 36%of Democrats want President Biden on the 2024 ticket after only 10 months of his first term.

While only one third of Democrats wants Biden to run again, 44% would prefer a different candidate run in 2024.

Conversely, Republicans didn’t think twice when asked which candidate would guarantee a GOP victory in the next presidential election. A glaring majority (over 50%) said Donald Trump is THE candidate to lead the Republican party, while only 30% said another candidate would suit the Republicans better.

The poll also revealed just 44% of Americans approved of Biden’s performance as president. While another 49% percent disapproved. In October, 45% approved and 46% disapproved.

Yes, you read that correctly: nearly half the country disapproves of Joe Biden’s job performance thus far. Donald Trump wasn’t even pulling those numbers — and he had the entire liberal media propaganda machine (plus the Deep State) against him..

Over the weekend Fake News bastion NBC was forced to publish the ‘scary’ truth about Democrats’ future. They revealed that 71% of Americans believe the nation is on the wrong track. Only 22% of citizens believe America is headed in a positive direction.

The polling comes as Biden’s presidency is likely dragging down Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe in Virginia, where state polling indicates the Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin narrowly leads the Democrat. Virginians will determine the race’s outcome Tuesday.

Media reports indicate low enthusiasm for Democrats while Republicans are far more motivated. Polls show Youngkin winning virtually every Trump voter who says he or she is planning to participate next week.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney