Touchdown! Trump-Backed Senate Hopeful Cleans House

While Democrats concoct a plan of attack to demolish rising star newcomer and Senate hopeful Georgia Herschel Walker, the former NFL star is rapidly gaining steam in the Peach State.

Liberals are left scratching their heads because their normal tactics won’t apply to Herschel: he’s black, successful, clearly loves the country, and is incredibly popular with the voters in Georgia. That immediately takes away their race card, so all Democrats are left with is their ‘Trump’ card, which they will surely utilize when the time comes.

According to a recent poll, the Trump-endorsed Republican candidate shows a massive lead in the Georgia Senate GOP primary.

The football great received 74% of the vote in the Republican primary. However, among respondents who identified as “conservative,” Walker received 81% and lowered slightly to 61% for respondents who identified as “moderate.” Both figures are nothing to scoff at.

Gary Black clocks in at Walker’s biggest competitor, garnering only 6% in the poll, giving Walker a 68% lead. The other candidates – Jared Craig, Kelvin King, James Nester, and Latham Saddier – aren’t really even worth mentioning.

The poll also showed that Walker has “near universal” name identification among Republican primary voters, with 74%favorable and only 6%t unfavorable. Only 15% said they have “no opinion,” and 6% said they “never heard of him.”

Half the battle is won when a super majority of likely voters are already well aware of who you are and you stand for.

Republican leaders find themselves with a strategic ‘ace in the hole’ with Walker given his favorability even before the onset of Georgia’s primary election. The poll numbers strongly suggest that Walker will enjoy strong party unity when he enters the general election.

The survey from On Message Inc. was conducted between October 11 and 14. The survey asked 400 likely Republican primary voters, with a margin of error of plus or minus 4.9 percent.

Shortly after Walker filed and formally announced, former President Donald Trump officially endorsed him, calling Walker “a friend, a Patriot, and an outstanding American.”

Trump explained that Walker “embodies ‘America First’ and the winning spirit of Georgia,” adding, “Walker will never let you down. He was a great football player and will be an even better U.S. Senator—if that is even possible.”

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell can’t ignore the glaring popularity of Walker as he seeks to win back GOP Senate majority in the next midterm elections. The Minority Leader has given the football star his endorsement as well, saying, “Herschel is the only one who can unite the party, defeat Senator [Raphael] Warnock, and help us take back the Senate.”

Walker happens to be a fundraising titan to boot. He’s earned $3.7 million after launching his campaign only roughly five weeks before the end of the last fundraising filing with the Federal Election Commission. The campaign claimed that, at the time, it received donations from nearly 50,000 people, which equates to an average of $100,000 of contributions per day.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney