Democrats Crushed As Republicans Dominate Victories On Election Night

It never fails. Whenever the left thinks it’s losing, it pulls out the race card. For decades—longer than some Americans have been alive—Democrats have attacked Republicans, claiming they were a party of old white men. Liberals have used race to manipulate voters, simply on the basis that there is no way Republicans could ever support people of color.

Time and time again, their lies are proven wrong.

Democrats tried to use race to sway close elections this Fall. They even staged deceptive stunts to suggest Republican candidates supported far-right white supremacists. In Virginia, a pro-Democrat group hired young men to dress up as Youngkin supporters and hold tiki torches beside his bus. It was quickly revealed, however, that they were trying to falsely smear the campaign.

But with the numbers in, Democrats are going to have a harder time claiming Republicans are the party of just white people.

Republican Jason Miyares is the projected winner of the Virginia attorney general race on Tuesday evening.

Miyares will become Virginia’s first Latino attorney general, defeating incumbent Democratic Attorney General Mark Herring.

Miyares, a Cuban American, currently serves as a member of the Virginia House of Delegates. [Source: Just the News]

Well, look at that. Virginia elected their first Latino attorney general. What an amazing accomplishment and victory for a group that is seeking progress and representation in—

Wait a minute. Jason Miyares is a Republican!? Shut it down! Nothing to see here. There is no way a Latino man would run as a Republican—and win. As we all know, Democrats are the only ones that truly care about Latinx people groups. There is no way that one of them would be a conservative and win an election.

Huh, the Republicans elected a black woman lieutenant governor!?

Republican Winsome Sears, a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, was elected Virginia’s first female African-American lieutenant governor on Tuesday evening.

Sears, a Jamaican immigrant, served in the Virginia House of Delegates from 2002 to 2004.

The Virginia lieutenant governor is the second-ranking official in the state government and head of the state Senate. [Source: Just the News]

Are you kidding me? A black woman was elected to high office and she wasn’t a Democrat? How did that happen? I thought Republicans were dastardly racists who hate black people and keep women as baby-making slaves in their kitchens? That’s what the MSM tells us. But a black woman—and former Marine—won a major Virginia race for the GOP?

Funny how most of us are only learning about Miyares and Sears today. The media worked very hard to not reveal to the public that these candidates of color were actually Republicans. Had the media bothered to spend time talking about these two, it would have shattered their deceptive narrative about race.

But we see this all the time. Republicans are in no way just the party of rich old white men. More and more Americans from all walks of life are ditching the far-left Democratic Party, to join a party that represents their values, liberties, and concerns.

As Biden and the Democrats lurch more and more left, we are going to see this trend grow rapidly.

Author: Tom Smith