Democrats Use Old Tricks To Prevent GOP Victory

… but they failed miserably.

On Tuesday, some polling places in Virginia attempted to block maskless voters from casting their ballots. These tricks were utilized across the country November of last year, which ensured Trump’s reelection victory would be stolen.

Leading Republican and chairman of the American Conservative Union was among the first to expose the Democrat cheating tactic when he was turned away from his poling place.

He said – and many agree – this was merely another way for Democrats to set up voting barriers to steal the election for Terry McAuliffe.

Founder and President of Turning Point USA Charlie Kirk also tweeted reports of precincts blocking maskless voters.

Senior Writer at Real Clear Investigations Mark Hemingway also reportedly received a notice that masks are mandatory at many polling locations.

The alleged text reads in part, “URGENT: Some voting locations are asking voters to wear a mask in order to vote. YOU CANNOT BE TURNED AWAY FOR NOT WEARING A MASK.”

The reports of voters being turned away for not wearing masks come as enthusiasm grows within Republican Glenn Youngkin’s campaign. Among voters in rural areas, Youngkin is polling more favorably than President Donald Trump in 2020.

Overall, Youngkin has maintained his lead over Democrat Terry McAuliffe and steadily improved in the polls once the Democrat former governor exposed himself to be a fraud.

Youngkin made his final pitch to Virginia voters in Loudoun County, Virginia, where the political fallout from Critical Race Theory in the school district made national news.

In the end, Democrats did not do enough to steal the election away from Youngkin and away from Trump’s MAGA movement.

Many have said this Virginia gubernatorial election will serve as a key indicator for what’s to come in the 2022 midterms and the eventual 2024 presidential election.

All signs point to multiple devastating defeats for the Democrats, who insist on doubling-down on their radical agenda by pushing endless racism, division, and poor economy policy.

Author: Asa McCue