Fake News Hack Rushes To Protect Biden… From a ‘Dangerous Meme’

If this doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about the Mainstream Media, then nothing will.

The viral “Let’s Go Brandon” meme has taken the country by storm, allowing disgruntled Americans to express their hatred for Joe Biden by utilizing the left’s own propaganda tactics.

Plus, everyone knows the left can’t meme. They have zero sense of humor whatsoever, and they’re proving it in real time.

In the last 24 hours two high-level media figures raised serious concern over the “Let’s Go Brandon” meme, which has swept across the nation and united the country against a president who is failing on multiple fronts.

Former press secretary for the Clinton administration equated people saying the meme with members of ISIS or the Klan. Dan Rather – Fake News legend – warned the chant could lead to “violence.”

By the way, what is the left’s obsession and conflation with words and violence? Ask a leftist and they will tell you the “Let’s Go Brandon” meme is akin to punching Joe Biden in the face.

But Ken Dilanian takes the cake.

The NBC reporter revealed that he contacted the Secret Service to determine if novelty AR-15 gun parts bearing the aforementioned anti-Biden phrase should be considered a threat to the president’s life.


It was reported earlier this week that a South Carolina gun dealer began manufacturing parts for an AR-15 engraved with “Let’s Go Brandon” below a carving of what appears to Biden holding a checkered NASCAR flag.

The left erupted in outrage, claiming this was a direct threat to Biden’s life.

You seriously can’t make this up…

And it seems the Secret Service laughed directly at Dilenian who revealed, “A spokesman for the U.S. Secret Service, which investigates threats against the president, declined to comment.”

Dilanian wouldn’t be a liberal if he didn’t wonder whether a humorous anti-Biden chant was in fact a secret coded message for 1/6 protestors to strike again and AtTaCk ThE cApItOl.

“The fact that a code phrase for profaning the U.S. president is being used to market guns and ammunition suggests that the rage on display on January 6 has not subsided.”

On Twitter, he continued equating the chanting of “Let’s Go, Brandon” with dangerous threats on Twitter.

The firearms industry has little love for Biden who, as a senator, drafted a ban on so-called “assault weapons,” specifically including the AR-15. The 1994 “crime bill” also banned the manufacture of new, “high-capacity” magazines, which contain more than 10 rounds.

Online conservatives couldn’t wait to jump on Dilanian and other liberal fear mongers for their concern over “Let’s Go Brandon” chant.

And for whatever reason, the Fake News dinosaur Dan Rather gave his two cents, saying:

“This is more than just words. Hateful speech has a way of becoming violent action.”

Their actions continue days of focused media condemnation of the phrase, which stands for “F*** Joe Biden,” which often bleeds over into a hateful caricature of the many people who have said it at sporting events and other venues.

CNN analyst Asha Rangappa compared the phrase to someone saying, “Long Live ISIS.” The Washington Post said the phrase — which has been chanted at sporting events and mass rallies of all kinds — proves President Biden has had to endure “far more vulgar and widespread” criticism than any other recent president.

But Ben Shapiro hit the nail directly on the head:

However liberal media operatives wish to spin this phenomenon, one thing remains blindly clear: America Hates Joe Biden.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth