4-0: Trump Flexes Political Muscle On Election Day

Whether liberals want to admit it or not, Trump still matters throughout the entire country.

His political influence within the Republican Party has yet to wane, even after RINOs tried to blame him for the 1/6 debacle.

With his post-election popularity and influence at the highest, the former president’s four endorsed candidates in Tuesday’s elections all won, highlighted by Virginia Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin, the rookie politician who beat career politican Terry McAuliffe.

In the elections, two Trump-backed candidates also beat two of President Joe Biden’s endorsed challengers — the victories seen by some Republicans as a sign of 2020 election buyer’s remorse and a 2024 preview.

The power of President Trump’s endorsement is undeniable.

“President Trump continues to be a huge boost for Republicans across the country,” RNC Chairwoman Rona McDaniel said.

Trump has already begun endorsing other candidates up in 2022, notably Herschel Walker running for the Georgia Senate seat.

In Virginia last night, Trump endorsed Youngkin, and Youngkin embraced the support. But he also kept the former president at arm’s length as McAuliffe tried to build liberal support by bashing the link.

Media pundits and election analysts, however, noted that Trump’s endorsement 175 days before the election helped to solidify the GOP, giving Youngkin a firm base to build on.

Trump, who campaigned for Youngkin, thanked his base of supporters for coming out in force for the Virginia Republican.

In Ohio’s 15th Congressional District, Mike Carey was elected to Congress in a special election to succeed former Rep. Steve Stivers. Carey is a former coal lobbyist who Trump picked out of a crowded primary of 11 candidates.

In the general election, Trump issued multiple endorsements of Carey, recorded a robocall, and hosted a telerally to help the Republican beat his Biden-endorsed opponent.

Trump also scored in the race for borough president of Staten Island, New York. He backed Vito Fossella 48 hours before the primary election in June. In the general election, he also taped a robocall, and Fossella won big last night 60%-30%.

Fossella thanked the Former President in his victory speech.

In the mayor’s race for Hialeah, Florida, Trump endorsed Esteban “Steve” Bovo, who avoided a runoff, winning 59% of the vote against a former mayor of Hialeah.

While these may be minor victories, together they pinpoint a key truth about Donald Trump’s overarching political influence — and not just in highly-conservative areas.

With the Former President’s leadership, the Republican Party can harness his popularity to usher in a radical shift in Washington the likes of which liberals have never seen.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth