Biden Starts Cold Calling Lawmakers – Begs Them To Save His Presidency

Joe Biden is far from an effective leader. Long before his approval tanked, he was unable to convince his own party to pass his massive spending bills. Progressives refused to pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill in the House, unless the Senate passed the $3.5 trillion spending bill. But moderates in the Senate refused to support the spending bill, urging the House to pass the infrastructure bill first.

It only got worse from there. Sen. Joe Manchin led moderates in opposing Biden’s reckless spending agenda. He criticized his own party for pushing massive spending, when he couldn’t pay for existing programs like Social Security. Things took a dive after Biden’s approval plummeted.

And now, after the blood bath that was Tuesday’s elections, Democrats are much less likely to support Biden’s plans. So, he’s been forced to call them up and beg them.

President Joe Biden, having failed twice to convince House Democrats to back his legislative agenda, resorted Thursday to personally calling lawmakers to beg them to vote for the $1.75 trillion Build Back Better Act…

Despite Biden drawing down the scope of the reconciliation infrastructure bill, Pelosi has yet to cobble together the votes to pass it through the House…

Before Pelosi delayed both planned votes, Biden visited the House to beg Democrats to back one part of his legislative agenda. Democrats have not passed a significant bill since the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan in the spring. [Source: Breitbart]

Neither Pelosi nor Biden was able to get Democrats to vote on these spending bills before. But now that Democrats lost big in this year’s elections, it will be downright impossible. Democrats lost seats they never thought were possible. And everyone knows it’s because Americans are outraged at Biden’s radical agenda.

Anyone that supports his toxic socialist spending bill can kiss their seats goodbye, come 2022. House Republicans are already warning them that they have little chance of winning if they don’t distance themselves from Biden. Kevin McCarthy, House Minority Leader, even told them Pelosi won’t save them, since she might be gone by next year.

It seems, though, Biden thinks he can win over hundreds of House Democrats by calling them up on the phone. This man can’t even finish a 5-minute speech with a teleprompter in front of him. How is he supposed to convince lawmakers to vote for a law they hate—and do this hundreds of times? Something tells me these phone calls went over as good as any of his recent press conferences.

Biden is not an impressive man. Never was. He is not a negotiator. He was only picked by the party because he is a Yes-man that does whatever the establishment tells him to do. That kind of person won’t be able to urge congress members to vote on a toxic bill. Chances are, his two major pieces of legislation will die on the branch.

And he only has himself to blame.

Author: Matt Johnson