White House Contradicts Biden On Reparations For Illegals

It’s almost as if the White House has given up on trying to convince the American people Joe Biden is in charge.

It’s abundantly clear that he isn’t.

Each and every time Biden attempts off-the-cuff policy determinations or answers unplanned questions from reporters, someone from his communications team promptly corrects or contradicts him.

Never – seriously never – has a U.S. president had such little control over the direction of his own administration.

The most recent contradiction comes as White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre rebuffed Biden’s previous statement on reparation payments for illegal immigrants subjected to Trump’s “Zero Tolerance” Policy.

The policy drastically reduced the amount of illegal border crossings at the time by issuing deportations on the spot, a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to illegal immigration.

Liberals were of course up in arms about the policy, claiming families were separated in the process. However, many reports confirmed that human traffickers often posed at the minor child’s parent in order to successfully cross the border. Trump put an end to this practice.

Biden has since undone this policy while the country is in the midst of a border crisis. Additionally, reports emerged this week that his administration is considering restitution to the tune of $450,000 per individual who was subject to Trump’s policy. Each family could be awarded $1 million as a result.

The cognitively deficient president called the reports “garbage” when asked about the policy, saying, “That’s not going to happen.”

However, the White House is now singing a different tune.

On Thursday, Jean-Pierre said Joe Biden was “perfectly comfortable” with giving massive payouts to illegal aliens who were separated at the border from their supposed families under the Trump administration.

Her contradiction comes after Biden received massive far-left backlash after rebuffing initial reports of the reparations.

Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked Jean-Pierre what changed from Biden’s remarks yesterday to the White House saying today that he was “perfectly comfortable” with the move. She did not answer the question.


The payouts would be in response to lawsuits filed against the U.S. government, so Jean-Pierre quickly deflected the question to the Department of Justice.

Meanwhile, it appears that the Biden administration is “perfectly comfortable” with affording illegal immigrants more personal freedom than American citizens.

Border crossers are exempt from following immigration law, they are not subjected to forced vaccine mandates or testing, and they reap taxpayers’ riches by utilizing social services.

This blow to the U.S. taxpayer will likely be the last straw.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth