Biden’s Energy Secretary Thinks Poverty In America Is Hilarious

The evil Biden administration can’t seem to get a hold of their optics as many high-ranking members prove – in public – just how out of touch they are with ordinary Americans.

It was bad enough when Kamala Harris chuckled during every public speaking engagement and with interactions with reporters as she failed to stop her boss’ border crisis.

Now, as Americans gear up for a cold winter, the Biden administration is making no qualms about rising cost of energy prices as they simultaneously cut off America’s energy independence.

The battle against the invisible monster of ‘climate change’ will have a direct effect on the American people this winter, according to Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, who said definitively it will be more expensive to heat our homes this year.

On Sunday, Sec. Granholm attempted to quell concerns over skyrocketing gas prices. She was asked by during a CNN interview whether or not Americans should expect the price per gallon of gas to continue its rise.

“Well, we certainly hope not,” Granholm responded despite ordering the shut down of multiple pipelines in the U.S.

When asked about the cost of heating one’s home, and whether or not Americans should expect a price increase, Granholm ‘coldly’ responded:

“Yeah, this is going to happen.”

“It will be — it will be more expensive this year than last year.”

She tried to soften the blow by comparing the U.S. to Europe (as if that has any relevance.)

“We are in a slightly beneficial position, certainly relative to Europe, because their choke hold of natural gas is very significant.”

Granholm’s heartless message to Americans comes just days after she laughed directly at the concerned citizens who continue to see gas price increases. She downplayed her role in the skyrocketing price per gallon, instead blaming it on the “cartel” of OPEC countries, who she claims controls the global market.

Meanwhile, with the closing of multiple pipelines in the U.S., America has had to rely on overseas oil instead of producing what’s needed at home.

She claimed Biden was “frustrated” due to his inability to control the price of gasoline, yet he was in full control over his decision to close the pipelines — a fact Granholm failed to admit on CNN.

Inevitably the interview became a public relations stunt to sell Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” initiative, which Granholm claims would correct the bottlenecks currently infecting the U.S. economy making prices for common goods and services to increase.

And as predictable as ever, it wouldn’t be an interview with a member of Biden’s administration if at some point they didn’t conflate vaccination rates with the crumbling economy.

What a sick and twisted government we’re forced to live under!

Author: Sebastian Hayworth