Democrats Beg Biden: ‘Please Don’t Run Again’

No amount of political or legislative ‘victories’ can change voters’ minds about just how horrible Joe Biden is for the United States.

In less than a year, Biden has overseen some of the most devastating events in recent history including the untimely death of 13 U.S. servicemen, the devastation of the economy, medical tyranny, an ongoing border crisis, and a general appeasement to ‘woke’ corporate overlords.

His poll numbers have coincided with his failures, and an increasing number of Americans are regretting their vote.

The worst of it came on Sunday when a new mainstream poll revealed that an overwhelming majority of registered Democrat voters do not want the cognitively deficient president to run for a second term. His disapproval rating now sits at a staggering 60%.

The USA TODAY poll taken this week also found that Republicans have earned a double-digit lead over their Democrat counterparts leading up to the ’22 midterm elections.

Key takeaways from the poll include:

  • 46% say Biden has done a worse job as president than they expected, including 16% of those who voted for him.
  • 64%, say they don’t want Biden to run for a second term in 2024. That includes 28% of Democrats.
  • Only 28% of registered voters approve with Kamala Harris’ job performance – even worse than Biden’s. A jaw-dropping 51% disapprove of the job she’s doing.
  • Voters surveyed said they would vote Republican over Democrat (46%-38%) if an election were held today.

The poll also found that only 1 out of 4 (25%) registered voters believe that Biden’s far-left “Build Back Better” social spending bill would help their families.

A strong majority of Americans, 66%, say that the country is headed in the wrong direction, while only 20% say it is headed in the right direction.

Biden’s approval rating is sinking faster than any other president in modern history.

Recent elections have proven just how fed up voters are with Biden and the Democrats’ far-left agenda, which is radically out of touch with the needs of most Americans.

Last week, Republicans dominated in the contentious state of Virginia — governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general elections were all won by pro-MAGA Republicans.

Many have pointed to the shellacking Republicans put on Democrats across the country during last week’s elections as proof of the dissatisfaction that voters have with Biden and the Democrat Party.

Legendary Democrat strategist James Carville said during an interview last week that the problem Democrats have is they are too far-left.

“What went wrong is stupid wokeness,” Carville said.

…and he’s right.

While ‘woke’ is an increasingly antiquated term which by no means captures the seriousness of the far-left problem, Carville basically hit the nail on the head.

Woke, however, should be retired as the proper term to describe what’s happening with leftist Democrats.

It’s fascism.

Author: Asa McCue