Biden Slips – Admits He Has No Plan, And Is In Way Over His Head

It’s no secret why gas and fuel prices continue to climb. Biden’s policies crippled American energy production, so we have been forced to buy oil and gas from foreign nations. Sure, he claims this is to “help” the environment (I guess he doesn’t think pollution from Saudi Arabia hurts?), but even Obama wasn’t this stupid. As fuel prices rise, we could only assume a president would move fast to help the working American.

We know what Trump did to help. Thanks to his policies, America was energy dominate, providing the most fuel than any other country. Joe has done the opposite and every last American is hurting. But when asked what he plans to do to help… his own people were speechless.

On Monday, White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre could not name anything that President Joe Biden was considering doing to help alleviate rising fuel prices across the country…

“You know, we have — we don’t have an announcement yet on anything — anything to share at this time,” she responded. “You know, but we’re monitoring it. Right? We’re monitoring the prices and we’re making sure that we have tools in our toolbelts that we can — we can — we can try and use. But at this time, I don’t have anything new to share.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Oooohh! They’re “monitoring” the situation, right? That makes me feel so much better. Jean-Pierre just admitted that Biden is simply watching fuel prices go up, instead of actually doing anything. She admitted that the administration has no intentions of lifting bans on drilling, reopening areas for fuel production, or restoring the major pipeline project he killed.

In fact, Biden’s long-term plans are to further cripple America’s fuel sector, including shutting down an existing pipeline between Michigan and Canada. Hey, he promised he’d do this during the election—why didn’t the morons who voted for him believe him?

Don’t expect fuel prices to come down at all, while Biden’s still president. Maybe OPEC or Russia will start pumping more to help the global situation. But it will have nothing to do with Biden. The idiot begged these countries to produce more oil to help the problem. They, of course, ignored him—nobody on the world stage takes this guy seriously.

It’s in those country’s best interest to keep supply low. After all, they can charge more for oil. Plus, it puts the United States in a constrained position. Russia and Saudi Arabia know Biden is too stupid to restore American production. So, they can reduce their supplies to a trickle and rake in the big bucks.

Jean-Pierre said they don’t have an announcement “yet,” suggesting they will come up with a plan soon. But we know the truth. Biden’s own energy secretary laughed when asked what they were planning to do to lower gas prices. She then claimed it was a “global” market, skirting America’s role in the problem. This was the same energy secretary who once scolded Americans for not driving electric cars.

Perhaps when Republicans take over Congress, something will actually get done.

Author: Alex Peterson