Biden Administration Conceals Truth About Border Nightmare

A key tactic utilized by the Biden administration is to simply lie or hold off on telling the truth until the mainstream media operatives cease to talk about the issue.

Such is the case with the border crisis currently infecting the United States, which seriously jeopardizes national security and prevents us from emerging from the China Virus pandemic.

The Department of Homeland Security refuses to release reports of exactly how many illegal aliens that have been released into the United States interior since Joe Biden assumed office and began destroying Trump’s immigration policies.

Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson, who sits on the Senate Homeland Security Committee, sent a letter to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, asking for a full accounting of every border crosser and illegal alien released into the U.S. interior since January.

Johnson asked in the letter dated October 19:

Johnson revealed that “limited data” from DHS showed that more than half a million border crossers and illegal aliens, roughly 530,000, have been released into the U.S. interior from January 1 to August 31.

Despite asking for a full accounting of releases by November 2, Johnson’s office revealed they have received “no response” to Mayorkas.

Mayorkas is also hiding other key facts as well, including data regarding MS-13 gang members, deportations of illegal immigrants, the drone attacks at the US-Mexico border, and numerical data about the Catch and Release policy, which Biden re-instated.

Even the data Mayorkas has released, which no way tells the entire story, shows the overwhelming amount of border crossers, apprehensions, and illegal immigrants released into the U.S. interior. The numbers are astronomical. The Biden administration has allowed higher populations of illegal immigrants than what is seen in many U.S. cities and towns.

The data suggests that Biden has released a foreign population into the U.S. interior this year that exceeds the number of residents living in Tampa, Florida; Staten Island, New York; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Cincinnati, Ohio; and New Orleans, Louisiana, among others.

Their goal is simple: implement a total demographic shift away from the “white suburban” American who tends to vote Republican. The Democrats are importing an entirely new voter base so as to ensure the GOP never is allowed to gain power ever again.

Their plan is backfiring, however. The Latin American vote has significantly trended toward the Right, especially in border towns and southern cities.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth