Biden’s Taliban Buddies Gloat About All The ‘Gifts’ He Gave Them

It goes without saying, but this charade would have never, ever happened with Trump at the helm.

An embarrassment to the highest degree, the Taliban army was recently seen parading around in U.S. military equipment left behind after Biden’s botched evacuation mission from Afghanistan.

The Taliban held a military parade for its “Islamic Emirate Army” in the city of Kandahar this week, featuring U.S.-made weapons, armored fighting vehicles, and helicopters.

The parade route followed the main road in Kandahar, Afghanistan’s second-largest city. Taliban fighters posed with their captured gear while religious music played from loudspeakers.

The Kandahar parade was the public debut of the rebranded Taliban military. All eight of Afghanistan’s military corps were renamed by the decree of Taliban Defense Minister Yaqoob Mujahid. The names more clearly signify the extremist group’s history and radical Islamic ideology.

The 205th Atal Corps stationed in Kandahar was renamed “Al Badr” by Yaqoob’s order, a name often used by Muslim militant groups that refers to an important battle detailed in the Quran.

A spokesman for the Taliban urged former Afghan military servicemen to return to the country after fleeing.

“My message is, there is no security problem for them in Afghanistan, there is no plan of arresting them, national amnesty is announced.”

After the Taliban takeover, large groups of Afghan military servicemen, most notably their highly-trained pilots, fled the country to escape the extremist ideological bent of the Islamic group. The pilots have been under detention in Tajikistan for the past three months.

The long-lasting geopolitical consequences of Biden’s failed mission in Afghanistan will be felt for years to come. Not only has Communist China slowly begun encroaching on the Middle East region, but it’s been rumored Taliban leaders are in talks with Iran, making nuclear negotiations even that more delicate.

Biden’s administration is desperate to regain entrance with Iran in the form of a renegotiated Nuclear Deal, which previously enriched the Iranian regime with hoards of U.S. dollars.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth