Creepy Biden Proves Just How Out Of Touch He Really Is

Wow. Just wow.

Joe Biden has proven once again that he is America’s creepiest president.

His attempt to quell concerns regarding the supply chain crisis, which has resulted in skyrocketing consumer prices, empty grocery store shelves, and unaffordable fuel costs, went terribly wrong this week in a video that clearly shows what a mess we’re really in.

The Biden White House is scrambling to reclaim the ‘supply chain’ narrative after a series of devastating electoral loses shocked the party back to reality.

What they learned is simple: Americans care about the economy, not social justice (that fight has already been won.)

Fresh off Trump’s presidency, one which oversaw some of the greatest economic strides in U.S. history, the American people demand similar results from Biden. That means low taxes, lack of regulation, and energy independence policies which enable gas markets to stabilize and prices to drop.

None of which the cognitively deficient president is providing. As a matter of fact, he’s doing the opposite.

But now Joe Biden and the Democrats know they need to take action and at least give off an appearance they’re doing something about the supply chain crisis, even though their policies accelerate it.

Will the supply chain crisis be eased in time for the holidays?

Probably not, but Joe Biden wants you to think it will.

He attempted assure the public that it’s at least being worked on in a public address from the Oval Office. Biden acknowledged that Americans are “worried,” but offered no real solution to ease concerns.

“You know, I just got off the phone with the largest retailers in America.”

How do you not laugh out loud?

Biden spoke with UPS CEO Carol Tome, FedEx CEO Fred Smith, and Target CEO Brian Cornell.

They told him “things are really moving along,” Biden claimed.

A key fact Biden left out of his address is the hesitation many of these CEOs have about an impending vaccine mandate, which will likely result in a staffing shortage fresh off the holiday rush.

“The expectation is that it’s not going to be like this time last year.”

You don’t say, Joe!

The supply chain crisis continues to threaten consumers as the holidays approach. Analysts fear empty shelves and late delivery arrivals throughout the rest of 2021.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth