Trump Pays Backstabbing RINO a Visit – She Doesn’t Take It Well

Last week, a number of Republicans turned on the party to vote for Biden’s so-called “bipartisan” infrastructure bill. This bill, which was passed with some Republican support in the Senate, will cost taxpayers over $1 trillion. It is part of Biden’s larger socialist scheme, that will do little to address problems like inflation, crime, and the open border.

But it seems like a few Republicans were willing to back it, because of a few goodies tucked inside for their states.

Donald Trump was not pleased with how some Republicans so quickly embraced Biden’s toxic scheme, giving him a win he can use to salvage his failing approval. During a major fundraiser recently, he ripped into those RINOs for turning on the party. And one of them happened to be in the audience.

Former President Donald Trump excoriated the 13 congressional Republicans who voted in favor of the $1.2 trillion so-called bipartisan infrastructure plan during a speech Monday evening.

New York Rep. Nicole Malliotakis, who voted for the bill, was in the audience of the speech reportedly looking visibly shaken by Trump’s remarks…

It was Malliotakis and a dozen other Republican members who pushed the spending plan over the edge during a late-night Friday vote – it passed by a count of 228-206. Several progressive members of the Democratic caucus defected and did not vote for the party’s legislation, but Republican support allowed the measure… to succeed. [Source: Just the News]

Rep. Malliotakis should have been shaken. She won her election, in deeply blue New York, in part thanks to Trump’s support. Now, she stabbed Americans in the back by voting for a toxic bill that will only further hurt our economy. Had Republicans like her voted against this bill, it would not have passed, since enough far-left Democrats voted against it as well.

How insane is that? Progressive Democrats refused to support this bill, while Republicans bowed down to Dictator Joe. That is not something that should be happening.

And the 2022 midterms will not go well for these Republicans. Some representatives who turned on Trump back in January will face tough primaries. Many of them can expect not to come back to Congress. What do these RINOs think is going to happen, after they helped prop up Joe’s failing agenda?

Are they going to be around when his reckless spending pushes inflation even higher? Are they going to do anything to lower gas prices, close the border, and address our other crises? I doubt it. Yet they were happy to support this “infrastructure” bill that sends billions of dollars to special interests and other liberal friends.

This episode is proof that Trump continues to hold significant influence over the party. His endorsement, or rejection, can bring a Republican’s career to its end. Those who have worked against his America-first agenda, might start considering alternative job options.

Author: Peter Sanderson