Biden Accidentally Blames Himself For Growing Crisis — Is Finally Right About Something

The circular logic of Joe Biden knows no bounds.

He’s the man with a plan, the most unintentionally entertaining president in U.S. history, and an award-winning economic expert.

On Wednesday, Joe Biden determined that it was his policies and his policies alone that are causing skyrocketing consumer prices and nationwide inflation the likes of which haven’t been seen in three decades.

The low energy president demonstrated he had a firm grasp on what causes inflation, but unfortunately he has no clue how to fix it. He cited the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 stimulus package, which gave every American $1,200 (he promised $2,000) amid the China Virus pandemic. Those extra funds, according to Sleepy Joe, are what’s responsible for the inflation nightmare we’re experiencing today.

Biden said “people have more money now,” and claimed that that provided fuel for the highest rate of inflation since supply chains couldn’t meet demand.

However, instead of opening up markets, removing red tape, keeping taxes low, and limited federal regulations, all of which would have helped alleviate inflation side effects, Biden made it worse by doing the opposite.

His speech his hilarious and will go down in history as one of most entertaining.

Watch it here:

Biden said with all that money floating around, the demand for goods is exceeding supply.

Biden also weirdly said that too many people temporarily are ordering goods online while not spending their money in their local communities at restaurants, bars, and stores.

Is he serious?

Perhaps Americans aren’t spending their money at local restaurants, bars, and stores because he and the Democrats have perpetually locked everyone down, forcing them to wear cloth muzzles, and demanding everyone show private medical records to gain access to public spaces.

This point goes to show how unaware Biden is with the global ‘new world order’ strategy his globalist buddies are enacting.

The lockdown measures are, of course, by design. They want us secluded, in our homes, ordering from apps mindlessly streaming from Netflix and Hulu, while they create policies so restrictive small businesses have no choice but to shudder, thus creating a need for global corporations to step in and set up shop.

But don’t worry, Biden understands our frustration.

He said, “Did you ever think you’d be paying this much for a gallon of gas?

Author: Elizabeth Tierney