Biden Hires Failed Democrat For Top Administration Position

Democrats suffered massive losses in this year’s elections. Republicans managed to retake blue Virginia’s governor office, along with the lieutenant governor and attorney general. The major wins for Republicans were the direct result of Biden’s ongoing failures—as well as the many missteps of the Democratic candidate.

Terry McAuliffe was the former governor of Virginia. His win should have been a shoo-in. However, he made major blunders during the race. Even while parents fought for a voice in public schools, McAuliffe sided with the teacher’s union, telling parents they had no say in their children’s education. That was on the tip of the iceberg of his failed campaign.

So, what’s next for a loser like McAuliffe? It should be obvious: working for Joe Biden!

Fresh off his loss in Virginia’s gubernatorial race to Republican Glenn Youngkin, Democrat Terry McAuliffe may already be close to having a new job in nearby Washington, D.C., a new report said.

According to Punchbowl News, McAuliffe has interested suitors in the Biden administration who are looking to bring him on board.

What McAuliffe would do in the administration is unclear, as President Biden’s Cabinet is full, but “multiple high-level sources” reportedly told Punchbowl News that the White House is looking for a place for McAuliffe. [Source: Fox News]

Of course, Biden would want McAuliffe in the administration. He is an incompetent loser who has no business in the federal government. That pretty much describes most of the people working for Joe. His administration is made up of mostly radical activists who historically fought the agencies they are currently running.

The rest of the administration is made up of people who don’t know how to do their jobs.

Perhaps the worst are in the State Department and press office. We all know about how Biden’s press secretary insults and dismisses reporters—often refusing to give straight answers. But even worse is his Secretary of State, who got into an argument with Chinese diplomats—and lost.

It seems Biden is looking for the worst of the worst to fill his administration. Why? Because if they do a poor job, it hurts the country. And Biden needs Americans struggling and weak, if he is to push his socialist agenda. People don’t want an abusive, overreaching government when they are prosperous. But when a country is broken, miserable, and poor they are more eager to accept socialism.

Biden isn’t trying to win for America, because that will get him further from his agenda. But by hiring morons like McAuliffe, he is essentially assured that whatever department he runs will be mismanaged and terrible. Getting us closer to that corrupt socialist utopia he wants so badly.

He or whatever devil is really calling the shots.

Author: Mark Anderson