Biden Pumps Violent Criminals Into Communities Across The Nation

The open border policies of the Biden Administration have had harrowing effects thus far — and it hasn’t even been a year yet.

Chaos, confusion, and devastation surround the hotbed areas of illegal immigration since Biden halted border wall construction and ordered ICE officials to tone down arrest rates for illegal border crossers.

The results of Biden’s policies speak for themselves: crime is up, drug smuggling is on the rise, and human traffickers are essentially given a free pass into the U.S. interior.

Luckily some parts of the border are still being policed and officials are able to secure the arrest of some of the most dangerous criminals in Central and South America.

Big Bend Sector Border Patrol agents apprehended a large group of migrants near Alpine, Texas, including several previously deported criminal aliens. Those arrested included a deported rapist and a drug trafficker.

The agents referred the driver to a secondary inspection station where a search of the cargo area revealed a false wall. Agents discovered a large group of migrants hidden behind the wall.

Agents removed 67 migrants from the dangerous compartment, officials stated. They identified the 67 migrants as citizens of El Salvador (3), Guatemala (19), Honduras (4), and Mexico (41).

The agents identified four of the migrants as minors — age eight to 13. They also found a 17-year-old unaccompanied minor.

After transporting the 67 migrants to the Alpine Station for processing, the agents identified three of the migrants as having criminal histories in the United States and previous deportations.

One of the migrants is described by Chief McGoffin as a convicted sex offender. Criminal records indicate a California court in Santa Clara County convicted the migrant for Rape by Force/Fear and Obstruction/Resisting Officer in 2000. The court sentenced the man to three years in prison and ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations officers removed him from the U.S.

But these criminals felt emboldened and attempted to reenter under Biden’s open border policies.

The US-Mexico border is reaching a critical breaking point, which could result in permanent damage to the fabric of America. If allowed to proceed down this path, the Biden administration will be responsible for the complete breakdown of immigration law and enforcement.

Have you noticed how the mainstream media suddenly stopped reporting on the border crisis?

Author: Asa McCue