Biden In The Hot Seat After Americans Sound The Alarm On China

It’s not a radical statement that Joe Biden has not been listening to the American people. Since entering office, he has pushed policies that have only brought pain, frustration, and crises to our shores. And even though it’s obvious these problems were Biden’s fault, he’s continued to ignore the fallout to keep propping up his failed agenda.

This is true for nearly every issue Biden’s addressed, including foreign affairs. Biden, who was once President Obama’s foreign affairs advisor, has done poorly when dealing with other nations. He has handed many responsibilities to other members of his administration, who have crashed and burned.

But a question is now arising, after a new poll has come out. What is Biden going to do with China?

A vast majority of registered voters show a strong opposition to a wide range of issues regarding how China is run, including 80% of respondents saying the U.S. should hold the Communist-run country accountable for its use of slave labor, according to a new survey by pollster Scott Rasmussen.

The online survey of 1,200 registered voters released Sunday also found 66% of the respondents believe it is important for the U.S. to hold China accountable for its abuse of the Uyghur Muslims. [Source: Just the News]

An overwhelming majority of Americans want the U.S. to confront the many wrongs committed by communist China. That includes their treatment of the Uyghur Muslim population as well as their use of slave labor. A majority of voters want the U.S. to refuse contracts with groups that rely on forced Chinese labor.

This creates a major problem for Joe Biden. As we all know, Joe has had a comfy relationship with China for years. He’s claimed the Chinese Communist Party are “not bad folks,” despite their long history of oppression and destruction. The Chinese government has denied its people basic human rights, in violations that go back decades.

It’s clear that Americans are in no way fond of how China treats its people. And they expect the United States, once considered a beacon of liberty and justice, to do something about it. That’s not even getting into calls for China to be held accountable for the pandemic.

But will Joe do anything? Can someone whose son allegedly got rich off of China while he was president really do anything to stop China’s reign of evil? Does Biden even have the moral integrity to confront the CCP?

So far, he has done nothing to stop China’s march to global dominance. He’s sat back as China’s threatened Taiwan. He’s done nothing to keep America competitive on the global market. Why would he do anything about China’s slave labor?

We all know we had a president who was willing to challenge the Red Menace. And his name wasn’t Joe.

Author: Sam Buckwell