Biden’s Infrastructure ‘Victory Lap’ Is Another Gaffe-Filled Embarrassment

It’s almost hacky at this stage in Biden’s presidency to continue pointing out his endless gaffes, mental lapses, and malapropisms. They happen so frequently it’s become business as usual for the president in swift cognitive decline.

On Monday, Joe Biden did a victory lap at the White House ahead of signing the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, one which weak Republicans helped him pass. His speech was marred with jumbled words, confusion statements, and bizarre jokes that failed to land with anyone.

The first weird moment came as Biden kicked off the ceremony, thanking his team of deplorables for their contributions in bringing the infrastructure bill to fruition. He seemed to acknowledge “Dr.” Jill Biden’s second husband in a bizarre attempt at what appears to be a joke.

“I want to thank everyone who helped make this happen,” Biden said. “Vice President Harris, my Cabinet members, my White House team, Jill, Doug, our first lady, and our … second husband, no I’m joking.”

Biden then fumbled with his face mask, which he apparently left at the podium before walking back to the signing table.

Meanwhile, this was an outdoor event amongst vaccinated public officials. According to his own CDC guidelines, a mask in not necessary in this case, showing yet again the level of performance these tyrants put on in the public eye.

“My mask, I forgot my mask,” Biden said.

The lunacy continued with Biden nostalgically touting his work with governors during his time as Vice President. He appeared to take a swipe at former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin by using an old Saturday Night Live joke, one that he failed to remember correctly.

He truly is the laughing stock of America.

On the infrastructure front, Biden is no stranger to lies, mistruths, and gaffes.

Earlier this year he claimed in an anecdote that he “commuted on Amtrak every single day for 36 years” even as Vice President.

Does he think we’re stupid?

Author: Asa McCue