Democrats In Crisis Mode As Approval Rating Sinks To Never-Before-Seen Lows

Democrats are in a big pickle. After 2020, they promised they’d run the country better than Trump and the GOP. Biden promised to “build back better” and all that. But how has 2021 shaped up? How has it been for you and your family?

Plenty of Americans were already outraged going into 2021. They believed the election was tainted and that Biden was not fit to lead. And in the ensuing months, their suspicions and fears were confirmed. Biden has failed on nearly every issue he’s tried to tackle. His administration is run by fools and con men. And his party has refused to hold him in check, even as he’s violated the Constitution again and again.

It’s no wonder Americans sent them a message in this year’s elections. And, it seems that message will be even louder come next year. Because another generic poll spells doom for the left.

Likely voters favor Republicans over Democrats by 13 points on a generic congressional ballot, up ten points in one week, a Rasmussen poll revealed Tuesday.

If the 2022 midterm elections were held today, 51 percent of likely voters would support the Republican candidate while 38 percent would vote for the Democrat candidate.

Tuesday’s numbers are a massive increase for Republicans’ hopes of winning a historic amount of seats in the 2022 midterms. On Wednesday of last week, registered voters told Rasmussen that 41 percent of them would vote Republican and 40 percent Democrat.

An additional ten percentage points are breaking for Republicans over Democrats in just one week’s time. [Source: Breitbart]

It seems, with each passing week, Americans’ disgust for Democrats only grows. This poll is very telling, considering how the numbers have moved. A week before, Democrats were losing by one point. Now, they are losing by a staggering 13 points. That is worse than the ABC poll that had them losing by 10 points, something we’ve never seen before.

Why are Americans so dead set on rejecting Democrats? Do we really have to ask? They left conspired for over four years to sabotage and undermine the Trump administration. When they got back into power this year, they ignored the concerns and problems of regular Americans to push an agenda only globalists and radical leftists could support.

They opened the border, gave up Afghanistan, are going soft on Iran, Russia, and China, and are doing nothing about rising fuel prices, inflation, and supply chain problems. Biden is running the White House like a dictator and skeletons like Pelosi applaud it, claiming “America is back.”

But America is not fooled. The Democrats are more like a mafia than a political party. And they are trying to bleed the U.S. dry—thinking they can get away with it.

The truth of the matter is, 2022 is not that far away. And these leftists are going to regret abusing this country.

Author: Paul Sanderson