Watch Ted Cruz Deliver a Savage Beatdown To a Top Biden Official

While everyone was busy with the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, it was Senator Ted Cruz who actually committed a murder.

Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas was in Cruz’s crosshairs on Tuesday during a contentious Senate hearing about the rise of illegal immigration under Biden’s reign.

Cruz, after an eye-opening visit to the US-Mexico border, ravaged Mayorkas for the horrific conditions migrants are forced into after illegally crossing the border. The Texas Republican brilliantly referred to the facilities as “Biden cages,” a term Mayorkas objected to.

“How many children have been in the Biden cages in calendar year 2021?” Cruz asked Mayorkas.

Typical of the Biden administration, Mayorkas told Cruz he’d have to “circle back” with the accurate number of migrants forced into the Biden cages.

This has been a long-running tactic of key members of Biden administration in an attempt to hide key facts about their harrowing policies.

Cruz asked Mayorkas directly whether or not Trump’s immigration policies resulted in the “lowest level of illegal immigration in the last 45 years,” a question that caused the open border chief to malfunction.

Eventually Mayorkas agreed that the policies under the Biden reign have caused the highest level of illegal immigration in the past 61 years, a staggering statistic that sent shockwaves through the Senate building.

The Texas Republican couldn’t help but ask the burning question most Americans are thinking as we all attempt to recover from a global pandemic:

“How many illegal immigrants have been released that were COVID-positive”

Again, another Mayorkas malfunction and another figure in which he couldn’t provide.

Obviously the Homeland Security Secretary was fully aware for weeks about his appearance in front of the Senate committee. The failure to provide key figures about levels of illegal immigration and its effects should very well be relayed. Instead, Mayorkas needs to conceal the numbers for political reasons while Americans suffer the disturbing consequences.

Cruz also pressed Mayorkas whether President Joe Biden or Vice President Kamala Harris had been to the southern border to see the Donna facility. Mayorkas confirmed that neither had been to see that facility.

Cruz also challenged his Democratic Senate colleagues during the hearing.

A slew of further questions were asked by Cruz, to which Mayorkas refused to answer. He provided virtually zero data pertaining to the skyrocketing levels of illegal immigration.

Meanwhile, the American public has soured on Biden’s approach to immigration. Only 35% of registered voters approve of Biden’s open border policies — a truly staggering figure.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney