DeSantis Hammers Crooked Democrats – Exposes The Most Corrupt Of Them All

In the battle to protect our constitutional liberties, Republican-run states have been the only force for good. Even many “conservative” leaders in D.C. have sat back as Joe Biden’s tried to run the American people over for his political agenda. But governors from coast to coast have pushed back. Perhaps none as much as Florida governor, Ron DeSantis.

Even during the dark days of the pandemic, he reopened Florida—putting liberty ahead of fearmongering. Despite intense backlash and slander from the media, he’s continued to forge an effective strategy. And the state has seen better COVID numbers than most, while still protecting its economy and future. Perhaps that’s why people are fleeing blue states to live in the Sunshine State?

But the battle’s far from over. And this up-and-coming conservative figure staked his claim during a recent speech. And he pointed a finger to one of America’s top enemies: Anthony Fauci.

In a wide-ranging speech at a dinner hosted by the Heritage Foundation, Florida GOP governor Ron DeSantis took aim at President Biden and other “elites” in Washington D.C…

“There’s a uni-party in Washington, D.C., and they look out for themselves more than the rest of the American people” and “Nobody’s ever held accountable. If you’re in the club in D.C., there’s no accountability. How the hell else does Fauci still have a job?”

“While other states kept locking people down, Florida kept lifting people up. We did not sub-contract out leadership to Dr. Fauci,” DeSantis asserted. “I resolved in the state of Florida, we would be a free state; we would not allow our state to descend into a Faucian dystopia in which people’s freedoms were curtailed and their livelihoods were ruined”. [Source: Daily Wire]

DeSantis blasted Fauci and his ever-shifting, inaccurate “advice” over the last two years. He praised his state for refusing to “sub-contract” leadership to a man he called a D.C. insider. He ridiculed Washington for refusing to hold Fauci accountable, despite the many times he’s been proven wrong and caught in a lie. He asked the obvious question, “How does Fauci still have a job?”

The governor boasted that of the 194,000 jobs added in September, 84,500 were in Florida. While many blue states continue to punish the public, pushing mandates that are crippling their economies, Florida is thriving.

He also discussed how his state will be fighting Biden’s infamous vaccine mandate. He plans to pass legislation that would prevent Floridians from having to choose between a “jab and their job.” DeSantis claimed it was never about the vaccine but “fundamentally about an abuse of federal power and unconstitutional use of the federal government.”

Most Americans opposed to the mandate seem to think the same way. They refuse to let the federal government tell them what to do. Had Biden not bothered with this mandate, perhaps many more Americans would have gotten a COVID shot willingly. Instead, as DeSantis said, Biden is “causing people to never trust any of these folks ever again.”

If only Biden was smart enough to see it.

Author: Matt Anderson