True Hero: Trump Depletes Fortune & Risks It All To Save America

Borrowing a phrase constantly used by liberals: ‘Follow the Money.’

That’s exactly what should be done in Donald Trump’s case, a self-made billionaire who risked it all to Save America.

The Former President knew his fortune was on the line before signing up to lead the country, but lead the country is exactly what he did, dragging the United States out of a decades-long black hole, all while facing constant attacks from every direction.

Trump claims he “expected’ to lose billions, saying he would do it all over again to protect the country he loves. Truly a bold statement in an era where hating America has become fashionable.

Trump mentioned his financial loss during an interview with Mike Lindell after the MyPillow CEO told Trump that he was one of the few politicians who “have the people’s back.”

Donned in a classic black tuxedo, Trump admitted to sacrifing his fortune to become president after calling out Democrat lawmakers who somehow enrich themselves while in office or directly after their reign.

“Look at the money they make, they’re full-time politicians!” Trump said to Lindell.

While Trump and Lindell discussed the 2020 election outcome and alleged voter fraud in several battleground states, Trump suggested the Democrats’ policies were proof they “cheat on elections.”

And it what could possibly be the biggest media moment in modern history, Trump said the quiet part out loud:

Democrats took advantage of the China Virus to steal, cheat and rig the 2020 presidential election, a statement basically no one is brave enough to make publicly.

Despite mounting evidence, this claim is still referred to as “The Big Lie.”

Trump also told Lindell that former Vice President Mike Pence was wrong for not halting certification of the Electoral College voting results.

“It was very sad when Mike Pence gave those votes over,” Trump said.

Recently reports claim Trump is looking to lighten his real estate load after announcing the sale of Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C.

The landmark hotel lost nearly $100 million while Trump was in office, a figure which defies liberal hysteria. Lest we forget, Democrats repeatedly claimed Trump was enriching himself by providing favors to foreign dignitaries via his D.C. hotel. Turns out this was a lie — go figure.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth