All Time Low: Biden Tries (And Fails) To Stop The Bleeding

America’s overwhelming distaste for Biden cannot go unnoticed as even liberal-leaning polls are finding an all-time-low in Joe’s approval rating.

Since Biden ascended to the White House after Democrats rigged the 2020 election using COVID as a justification, a dark cloud seems to have blanketed the entire country. A multitude of legislative and policy failures have added to the overall darkness.

To most Americans it appears that the country is moving down a path of unbridled radical leftism, which becomes obvious when the administration prioritizes ‘climate change’ over skyrocketing gas prices.

Medical tyranny has usurped the United States after Biden announced a vaccine mandate on private employees, a move he promised not to implement while on the campaign trail.

As a result of the utter failures, a poll historically more favorable to Democrats has President Joe Biden’s approval rating at just 36% — an all time low.

An 8-point edge to Republicans is outside the margin of error and 46% of adults polled want Republicans to gain control of the House compared to just 38% preferring Democrats.

Biden has similarly poor numbers on his approval rating. The president is negative-17 on his approval, as a majority disapprove. The partisan breakdown is not as noteworthy as a majority of independent voters disapprove of the job Biden has done, while less than one-third approve.

By party:

  • Republicans – 94% disapprove, 4% approve.
  • Democrats – 87% approve, 7% disapprove.
  • Independents – 56% disapprove, 29% approve.

Biden is failing on the issues as well:

  • Economy – 59% disapprove, 34% approve.
  • Foreign policy – 55% disapprove, 33% approve.
  • Coronavirus – 50% disapprove, 45% approve.
  • Climate change – 48% disapprove, 41% approve.

Biden declared himself the unifier in chief, but in a response proving otherwise — in an open-ended question — respondents named political division their No. 1 issue in America.

  • Division/Polarization: 11%.
  • The economy: 10%.
  • Immigration/Border security: 8%.
  • Inflation/High cost of living: 8%.

Adults are sour on Biden on his personal traits, too, as a majority (51%) say he is not honest and 57% say he does not have good leadership skills.

Harsh sentiment coming from the American voters, a majority of whom Biden claims for himself.

Without the support of Independents, and with many Biden voters regretting their decision, it’ll be next to impossible for Democrats to dig themselves out of this one.

Author: Asa McCue